Dear Friends!

The company INSTYLE TOUR has a  wide  opportunities of  organizing  your stay and the stay of  your guests in Moscow and St. Petersburg. No matter what is the  purpose of your visit  to  Russia, we are ready to provide translation services in more than 30 languages.

We can accompany you  24 hours a day in museums or a business meeting, to negotiate or arrange a business dinner.

You will feel free and comfortable with us. Our professional interpreters will  overcome  your any language barrier.


Our service and rates for interpretation

  • These indicated rates are not subject to VAT.
  • When calculating for 1 day of work for an interpreter, 8 working hours are considered on a weekday from 9:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time), including at least 1 hour of break.
  • interpretersIn the case of an interpreter working on weekends and holidays, a mark-up from 10% (Ten percent) to 30% (Thirty percent) of the total cost of the Services is pre-agreed upon with the Customer.
  • These rates are acceptable within the territory of Moscow in the MKAD region. In the case of an interpreter working outside the MKAD region, the time spent on traveling to the place of Services is considered to be working time and, as agreed by the parties, is included in the total cost of the oral language translation.
  • The minimum order of Interpretation Services is 3 hours for consecutive interpretation and whispering, 4 hours for simultaneous translation. The minimum order for an interpreter, for remote work via telephone connection, Skype or other means of communication (without departure) is 2 hours.
  • With the duration of the event from 3 or more working days, additional discounts can be applied.
  • Provision of Services by the Contractor, the rates for which are not specified in this Annex, shall be formalized by an additional agreement to the contract.


WESTERN LANGUAGES (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.)

Service1 day (EUR)1 hour (EUR)Minimum order (EUR)Number of translators
Consecutive translation (with travel)255351051
Consecutive translation (without travel)25535701
Simultaneous translation ( for one specialist)8851354452


EASTERN LANGUAGES (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)

Service1 day (EUR)1 hour (EUR)Minimum order (EUR)Number of translators
Consecutive translation (with travel)355551601
Consecutive translation (without travel)355551051
Simultaneous interpretingfrom 885from 135from 4452
Whisperingfrom 445from 65from 1851


SCANDINAVIAN LANGUAGES (Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.)

Service1 day (EUR)1 hour (EUR)Minimum order (EUR)Number of translators
Consecutive translation (with travel)320451351
Consecutive translation (without travel)32045901
Simultaneous interpretingfrom 885from 115from 4452
Whisperingfrom 495from 55from 1851


In addition to the services of oral language translation, we are ready to provide the customer with equipment rental services for simultaneous speech translation.