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Invitation for the foreign citizens in Russia!

The invitation is the  required and primary document for submission to the Russian Consulate to obtain a Russian visa.
Our company will help the foreign citizen to register a business invitation or a tourist voucher for arrival to Russia.

The cost of the  tourist voucher is  25 euros,  it will be ready for 1 day

The cost of a business invitation depends on the nationality of the guest, dates of stay in Russia and the initial cost is 85 euros, it will take from 16 working days to be ready. For the more information about the cost of invitations and the procedure for  the  obtaining a Russian visa you can contact our specialists by sending a question via email or registering on our site, you get access to your personal account, where  you can get the  information about migration rules  in Russia quickly.

But to get invitation to Russia  and then the visa to Russia  is not enough, each guest must register with the immigration authorities of Russia. If   its not done  the guest will be fined when  leaves  Russia, and for gross violation of the migration regime he will be  refused  the subsequent entries to Russia.

In order for your trip to Russia was not been darked  by domestic formalities, you’d better to contact the experts for the  solving all organizational issues, and use our service – Travel Secretary which will give you the opportunity to save your time, devote themselves to the more important issues and enjoy your  stay in Russia.

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