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The Taekwondo Championship of Russia GTF ended in Moscow

More than 1,5 thousand athletes of different ages, from 40 regions of Russia gathered on the grounds of the Palace of Sports “Sodruzhestvo” in Moscow. The Championship was held from April 28 to May 1 and became a real sporting event for the participants and spectators. The inauguration ceremony began with a colorful concert program: the performance of an opera singer and a unique action show “jump evolution”, which was attended by star guests, actors of the theater and cinema. Also the participants and guests of the championship were addressed with a welcoming speech by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Public Figures of the Republic of Tatarstan, Alexander Darenkov, the President of the Russian Association of Taekwondo (GTF) Damir Khalilov, the Deputy Director of the Department for Sports Development of the Ministry of Sport of Russia Anton Antonov, the head of the Federation of Global Taekwondo Development in Moscow Olga Volkova and others. The closing ceremony of the event was no less colorful and memorable, as well as the festival of colored belts, within the championship of Russia.

A real hard struggle turned out during the championship. The guys had been preparing for the whole year for this event, and everyone proved to be worthy of becoming the best at home. The competition was serious, everyone – was a champion there. But as in any competition, the winner remains alone, so these are the results of the Taekwondo championship of Russia GTF.

The 1st place in the team rating was won by the team of Moscow; 2nd place – taekwondo practitioners of Krasnodar Krai; bronze was taken by the team of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The founder of the Championship of Russia is the Russian Taekwondo Association OSAT RAT (GTF), the organizer of the preparation for the Championship has been the company INSTYLE TOUR, which has a long history of experience of cooperation and friendly relations with the Association of Taekwondo OSATO RAT (GTF). The general strategic partner has been FWW (Fashion week world). The information partner of the event: glossy magazine “PRIDE”.

"Sport - is the future of fashion! Be in the trend - Be in sport!"

During the period from 28.04.2018 to 01.05.2018 Moscow will host the Championship of Russia in Taekwondo GTP-2018. The event will be held in the Moscow Sports Complex “Sodruzhestvo”.

This year more than 1500 competitors from 40 regions of Russia will participate in the Championship. All of them are of different age categories: from 7 to 18 years.

The Championship of Russia is organized by the Russian Taekwondo Association OSAT RAT (GTF) and the preparation for the Championship are taken upon by the company INSTYLE TOUR, which has many years of experience of cooperation and friendly relations with the Association of Taekwondo OSATO RAT (GTP). The media partner of the event: glossy magazine “PRIDE” – the magazine about fashion, beauty and fashion events.

Taekwondo (Taekwon-Do) is an Olympic sport, an oriental martial art, the feature of which is the permission to use the legs for strikes and throws. This sport has its own philosophy. Weapons are not used here, as it is believed that the human body is the most formidable weapon. Taekwondo originated in Korea 2,000 years ago – this is the youngest Korean martial art. Currently, there are about 40 million followers of this sport around the world, and some of the best will gather in the Championship in Moscow.

This year, all athletes expect a rich program, it will be a real sporting holiday, despite the healthy excitement and sports competition! Lifting the veil, we can tell that the opening ceremony is planned to be bright and festive. The high-ranking guests and eminent athletes will perform, as well as a small show program with bright numbers awaits participants and guests.

The Competitions in 2018 are held under the motto: “Sport – is the future of fashion! Be in the trend – Be in sport! “, that once again confirms: the sport has moved beyond the professional areas and specialized sports facilities long before. More and more people are engaged in sports: some in the yard at the athletic field, some at home, if there is no opportunity or time. Doing sports is not a habit, but a trend that turns into a way of life. The HEALTHY lifestyle.

The partners of the opening ceremony of the Championship of Russia in Taekwondo GTF-2018:



The Travel Industry "MIIT" exhibition in Moscow

On March 13, the 25th MITT exhibition “Travel and Tourism” was opened in Moscow. For three days. One of the largest exhibition areas of the capital Expocenter hosted representatives of the tourist business. Participants from Russia and foreign countries  presented their resorts and tell about the best places for recreation in the regions. NEWS from Russian Tourism

The participants were congratulated with the opening of the exhibition by the head of Rosturizm Oleg Safonov and the president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergey Shpilko. It was noted that a very hard-driving program of the exhibition was planned. The foreign ministers of tourism arrived on a visit to the business meetings during the exhibition. The forthcoming World Cup, that Russia would host in 2018. Was discussed at some meetings. NEWS from Russian Tourism

Different regions, in particular, the Russian participants of MIIT. Were colorfully and racily presented. The “Amber land” – Kaliningrad region, as well as, stories about the numerous, mysterious places of Arkhangelsk and Altai, fragrant honey and delicious national cuisine of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and, perhaps, the most digital region of Russia – Tatarstan, that presented a tour of its great and famous attractions with the help of the “Augmented Reality” platform, were represented here.

It was anyone’s guess how many interesting discoveries and productive meetings were expected by the participants and guests of the exhibition. Because this year almost 2,000 companies from more than 180 countries and regions of the world took part in it, though last year the exhibition was in no way inferior and was visited by more than 20 thousand guests.

So, what was our director Irina Sedelnikova doing at the exhibition, or rather. Which exhibitors have become our partners and how can you properly, profitably, and most importantly, take advantage of this? Follow the news on our website and the webpages on social media.

Интеллектуальный туризм - что это?

Отдыхай с умом! интеллектуальный туризм

Темп  нашей жизни неумолимо убыстряется и предъявляет все более и более высокие требования. Для того чтобы быть успешным необходимо больше успевать, больше знать, быть в курсе, уметь, понимать, схватывать на лету. Не остается времени на отдых и самопознание. Здесь нам придет на помощь интеллектуальный туризм.

Интеллектуальный туризм – это находка, которая поможет Вам погрузиться в тему, не отвлекаясь на побочные хлопоты. Это возможность попасть в уникальный мир, где  сочетаются бездонная глубина смыслов и утонченная чувствительность, далекая древность и сверхсовременная будущность. Мир, раскрывающий в себе таинство проявляющегося творения. Мир загадочной русской души – такой пленительной и волнующей, постичь смысл и притронуться к которой жаждут те, для кого началось путешествие внутри себя.

Как нигде, в России, с уникальным историко-культурным наследием, традиционными гостеприимством, природной душевностью и открытостью, так хочется вернуться к истокам, остановить ход времени и позволить себе полную перезагрузку.

Ваше желание – наша забота. Мы организуем незабываемое путешествие для Вас. Экскурсия ли это по полным тайн и секретов стенам и  башням московского Кремля,  или тура на Сахалинские острова, к величественным вулканам и бесконечным горным цепям, которые потрясают взгляд.

Наши специалисты решают все организационные вопросы и предлагают Вам готовое решение, а при необходимости оказывают круглосуточную информационную поддержку и консультирование. Отсутствие мелких, бытовых вопросов, которые мы берем на себя,   полное сопровождение клиента на всех этапах и атмосфера доверия – гарантия того, что Ваши впечатления от путешествия будут самыми яркими и их захочется повторить! Мы даем принципиально иной подход к ознакомлению с культурными ресурсами и историческими фактами, а партнерство с лучшими представителями индустрии отдыха и размещения обеспечивает оптимальные условия и возможность широкого выбора.

2018. INSTYLE TOUR the partner of the organization of Russian Taekwondo (GTF) championship in Moscow

The Russian Championship of Taekwondo (GTF) in Moscow, April 2018.  Will participate 44 teams regional teams with total number of athletes 1,500 Russian Taekwondo (GTF) championship in Moscow 


The Russian Championship of Taekwondo (GTF) in Moscow, April 2018.  Will participate 44 teams regional teams with total number of athletes 1,500 Russian Taekwondo (GTF) championship in Moscow 

2017- the start of the author's international project Power In Hunt


Today we are the first and only company which provides the full service for hunting and fishing in Russia for foreigners. It has the most extensive database of hunting and fishing camps. POWER IN HUNT- HUNTING AND FISHING IN RUSSIA

From centuries past Russian people loved hunting and fishing. Hunting was a real passion of the dukes of Ancient Russia. They went on hunting joys with numerous bodyguards. Dressed in elegant clothes, spent whole weeks in fields and forests. And celebrated a stroke of luck with noisy feasts.

The idea of ​​creating the project was due to the fact that Russia. Having huge resources and inexhaustible opportunities, is still inaccessible to the majority of the population of the world. We decided to figure out a reason and fix this problem.

For several years, a team of professional marketers, law agents and IT specialists of the POWER IN HUNT have been researching and collecting information about hunting and fishing places, taking into account the peculiarities of each region of Russia, making up an actual calendar to provide you a royal rest.

POWER IN HUNT is the first and the only international agent in Russia providing the entire package of services for organizing a full cycle of hunting and fishing for representatives of foreign countries throughout Russia. Thanks to our work, experience and accumulated knowledge, we have the opportunity to provide guests coming to Russia with complete safety and control over the whole process of hunting, from planning to trophy transportation from the country.


2018 INSTYLE TOUR is an official booking parnter of FASHION WEEK WORLD/WELCOME TO RUSSIA

FASHION WEEK WORLD /WELCOME TO RUSSIA the annual, seasonal fashion show of the collections of the fashion designers. As well as the relevant platform for the designers well-established on the world podiums.
FWW2018 is the Unique descoveries which will show the new global brands and designers from 16 countries,also a special exhibition fashion show in the Russian tradition under the slogan WELCOME TO RUSSIA combining the cultural dialogue in the field of the art and fashion will be presented.