Intellectual Russia

“Nature has made Russia the only one. She is second to none,” Alexander Suvorov — the Great Russian commander

Endless forests, icy tundra, lakes big as seas. Great rivers, filled with light bright white nights – all of this suggests the presence of something invisible, imperceptible at first glance. Creating a unique world. The world, combining a bottomless depth of meaning and subtle sensitivity, distant antiquity and modern future. The world, revealing in itself the mystery of the manifested creation. The world of the mysterious Russian soul – so captivating and exciting, so much desired to be understood and touched by those, who have started the journey inside themselves.

Nowhere but in Russia, with its unique historical and cultural heritage, traditional kindness and hospitality, natural warmth and openness. It is easy to come back to basics, stop the passage of time and let yourself a full reboot.
The pace of life accelerates inevitably and demands more and more high requirements for a modern man. In order to be successful you need to do more, learn more, understand more, catch on the fly. No time for rest and self-knowledge. Life itself dictates the necessity to mix business with pleasure! That is why the Intellectual tourism was founded – a completely different perspective on familiar objects. That you might have already seen before. But haven’t understand the meaning entirely or felt its impact on your outlook and thought.

The Intellectual tourism – is a godsend that will help you to plunge into the subject without being distracted with side chores. Our experts solve all organizational issues and offer You a prepared solution, and if it is necessary, provide noctidial information support and consultancy. No language barrier, the full support of the client at all stages and an atmosphere of trust – is a guarantee that Your impression of staying in the country will be the brightest and desired to repeat! Our service is the result of considered and optimally-designed details of Your stay in the country. Having been a part of the tourist service market for twenty years let us create exclusive offers, acting as the Directors of Your stay, offering only the author’s programs with the involvement of professional historians and specialists in arts. We give a fundamentally different approach to learning cultural resources and historical facts, while the partnership with the best representatives of the resort and hospitality industry also provides optimal conditions and a wide choice.

The main priority of our company is the quality of the provided services. We value our reputation, every customer is our friend, that is why we offer only the best and well-tried. We constantly monitor the quality of service and work at 100 % effort. Positive emotions, followed by the rise of vitality — is the main result of our service. The aftertaste of the intellectual tourism will be long-lasting!

We constantly work on new proposals, taking into account the wishes of our customers – follow our news on the website.