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Altay mountains
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The Altay Mountains are one of the most serene and beautiful locations on Earth. TRIP TO ALTAI GOLDEN MONTAINS

They remain that way because of their exclusiveness. People who want to see them in their most splendid light must journey to get there. TRIP TO ALTAI GOLDEN MONTAINS

The journey is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it and full of reward once you’ve arrived.

Quiet mountain lakes reflect snowy peaks, while alpine meadows carpeted with wildflowers cover gently rolling valleys.

The highest peaks are covered with majestic glaciers that feed hundreds of mountain streams and rivers. The rivers make a slow cascading descent down the mountains into bodies of torrent water.

Off to the north of the mountains you will see flat, grassy steep stretches of land. Those gloriously and brilliant emerald green pastures reach into the borders of Russia and are on the border of the Altay Mountains, which also shelter the primordial Taiga Forest. Few other places can compete with the beauty of the Altay Mountains.

This magical area of the world is sparsely populated and remains a favorite destination for photographers, hikers, artists, mountaineers and those who love nature. Tundra & Taiga offers you a memorable trip to the heart of the “Golden Mountains”.

The Altay mountain range stretches for 2,000 kilometers from north-west to south-east. It forms a natural border between Mongolia and Russia. Altai is lost in the wilderness of central Asia and remains an autonomous Russian republic that is drastically different from the rest of the country. Altai is nestled right between Siberian Taiga lands,

Mongolian semi-deserts and Kazakh’s towering peaks. Its remoteness and secret regal beauty remain preserved. Because it cannot be damaged by the elements the modern world invites into many lands. It’s as if a shield of protection is rooted in its very soil.
The forests are lush and unspoiled.

This region flourishes in every aspect because it reaches out through the energy in all its elements to draw people in to learn the wisdom. Knowledge that make them more fruitful.

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    ALTAI WEEKEND -Trip to the magnificent ALTAI 

    Trip to the magnificent Altai

    A short but very busy weekend tour, in which you will see the famous Chui highway. Which is included in the 10 most beautiful roads in the world.

    The tour is full of various activities: horseback riding, rafting, excursions to the ancient places of the Force and the most famous tourist sites of Chemal district. You will visit the famous island of Patomos. Where the functioning monastery is located. You can get to it only by a suspension bridge over the fast-moving mountain river.

    You will make an excursion to the legendary, mystical Valley of Spirits and to the outstanding artisans living in the city of Masters. This trip is one of the best options to see the Altai and unforgettably spend your weekend in a warm, fun company with us!

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    $ 35010
    Golden Ring of Altai -Trip across the Altai Mountains

    Trip across the Altai Mountains

    Big sightseeing tour across Altai Trip across the Altai Mountains

    Stunning and very rich tour of the most famous and beautiful places of the Altai Mountains. During the tour you will have time to enjoy the magnificent, wild nature of this region, to see a radical change of landscapes of four climatic zones and to visit interesting excursions! You will conquer the four famous passes: Seminsky (1.717m), Chike Taman (1.295m), Ulaganskiy (2.080m) and Katu-Yaryk (1.200m). Vsit one of the most magnificent and beautiful places in Altai - the valley of the Chulyshman River!

    This is the rarest place in beauty with an extraordinary and very powerful energy! You are waited for: motor-surfing on the high-speed glider along the river Ursul, excursion to the estate of V.V. Putin, excursions to the caves of ancient people, places of power, waterfalls and river canyons, a journey through the Chuysky Trakt, which is included in the 10 most beautiful worlds in the world according to UNESCO, the mysterious Red Gate, the rarest Dead Lake and the legendary, shrouded secrets of the Pazyryk Barrows in the Valley of the Kings, where there are ancient Scythian burials.

    You will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls - Kurkure, whose height is more than 30 meters. At the end of the tour you will go to the shore of the legendary Teletskoye Lake, and fantastic stone mushrooms will make you forget about all the laws of physics!

    9 Days tour. More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

    $ 100010
    Belukha in the footsteps of ROERICH -

    11 days tour. A big tour in the footsteps of the expedition N.K. Roerich to the foot of the Belukha mountain

    Very beautiful and fascinating tour to the foot of the highest mountain of Siberia - Belukha (4.509m). Its majestic beauty from the earliest times inspired local residents who considered it sacred. It was worshiped not only by Altaic people, but also by representatives of other peoples: Kazakhs, Mongols and many Turkic tribes. According to legend, it is here that the entrance to the mysterious country of spiritual purity and prosperity - Shambhala, or Belovodie, as it is called the Old Believers of the Uimon Valley. You will conquer two famous passes: Seminsky (1.717м), Chike-Taman (1.295м) and will pass along the way of the Central Asian expedition NK. Roerich, you will see the mountains, which he captured in his famous paintings. You will find an unusually beautiful and rich route to the Altai energy center, radial outlets to the valley of the 7 lakes and the City of the Sun - the Yarlu valley, as well as a bright, memorable excursion to the village of Old Believers. Here you will visit the NK Museum. Roerich and learn the secrets of mastering the Old Believers mysterious country - Belovodya. Forward, to adventure!

    $ 70010

    Wonderful joyrney to Altai Wonderful joyrney to Altai

    A very beautiful route, in which you will see the famous Chuysky tract, included in the 10 most beautiful roads of the world. The he mysterious place of the fall of the ancient meteorite and the legendary Teletskoye Lake. Wonderful joyrney to Altai Cruise on a modern speedboat for the four most beautiful waterfalls located on the lake, which can only be reached by water: Chedor, Estube, Corbu and Kishte. You will try the famous Altaic grayling, maral meat and many dishes of national cuisine. This tour is full of various activities: horseback riding, rafting, excursions to the ancient places of the Force and iconic tourist sites. To get to the island of Patmos and see the functioning monastery, you will pass over the rushing mountain river over the suspension bridge, make an excursion to the legendary, mystical Valley of Spirits and to the outstanding artisans living in the famous city of the Masters of Askat. We guarantee that this trip will not leave you indifferent! 6 Days tour More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

    $ 50010
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