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Baikal Lake

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Baikal Lake
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Baikal Lake is one of the most amazing destinations in Russia.

The biggest and the deepest freshwater lake in the world is located in the Eastern Siberia among the beautiful taiga forests and Nordic steppes. The water is so pristine and clean you could almost drink it while swimming. The beautiful shoreline has both wild areas great for camping as well as the comfortable tourist spots. WONDER BAIKAL LAKE TOUR WITH INSTILYE TOUR ONLINE

The atmosphere around Baikal is truly magical. It feels like an ocean: powerful, deep, raw and embracing at the same time. Back in the old days there used to be lots of local tribes making the lake their spiritual center. You can still feel it around, especially in the more remote areas where there is no electricity. No cell phone connection, no civilization.
It is especially good to visit Baikal if you’re taking a Trans-Siberiantrain (in fact, Baikal should be the reason you do Trans-Siberian first place). This train stops in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. So rather than sitting in the train for 6 days waiting Moscow (or Beijing). You can hop off the train in Irkutsk and make a trip to Baikal Lake. The experiences you will get there will be incomparable to anything else.
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    Tofalaria - Tour to  Ethnographic Museum Tofalaria

     Tour to  Ethnographic Museum Tofalaria

    There are few places left like this on our planet. Here the trees are falling with age. It is difficult to walk, but easy to breathe….  Tour to  Ethnographic Museum Tofalaria

    And really Tofalaria is a Museum of Ethnography and natural history under the open sky. In the depths of the Sajany mountains is an amazing land – Tofalaria. Here from time immemorial lives of extraordinary people, the Tofalars.

    Before the advent of Soviet power, they were called Karaghas and the land, now Tofalaria, was called Karaghasia.

    The region covers an area of about 21.000 square kms large mostly as Belgium. It is located East of the Sajany mountains that is the continuation of Altai mountains and North West of Baykal lake. It is a quite remote land reachable on land during summer with proper vehicles and in winter in helicopter if weather permits take of and landing. Rhodiola Complex mix of ridges, soaring peaks, the highest of which-the Peak “Pondebessny” (in translation under the sky), sparkling snow caps on the peaks, deep gorges and canyons at the bottom of which in the eternal twilight of the noise the water, live silver grayling in the clear stream, mountain stream, stony placers-rock streams, snowfields and glaciers, Alpine meadows, moss covered rocky taiga, frozen on the ledge of rock, musk deer – a wonderful creation of the animal world – all this Tofalaria.

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