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Boris Pasternak’s private life – excursion INSTYLE TOUR

Boris Pasternak was born in Moscow, in a house on the 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. In the family of an artist and a pianist.

And nearby, in the vegetable garden, lived the first love of the poet – Ida Vysotskaya. The daughter of the richest tea-dealer, an enviable bride, who later successfully married the banker Feldzer. A man of her social circle. Boris was selflessly in love with Ida, but she was easy-going about their friendship, although she appreciated it.

Already after the break and marriage. She tried several times to restore a relationship with a rejected lover: vainly. Pasternak, having decided to tear away from himself the most precious thing that he had – music – went to the University of Marburg to study philosophy. But the subsequent break with Vysotskaya cooled his love for philosophy.

Poetry took him more and more, and, having returned to Moscow, he began to enter the literary circles; got acquainted with Nikolai Aseev and Vladimir Mayakovsky. Subsequently, the poet married the artist Eugenia Lurie, but soon the marriage broke up. Active and living Zinaida Neigauz became his new companion. The couple lived in Pasternak’s apartment on Volkhonka, Zinaida Neigauz strove to improve the living conditions of the couple, and in parallel, took care of getting a summer residence in Peredelkino.

he couple went through the years of war, deprivation, survived the death of Zinaida’s eldest son. After which the relationship began to crumble. The last love of the poet was Olga Ivinskaya. She was probable prototype of Lara from the novel «Doctor Zhivago». The address in Potapovsky Lane was connected with this story.

What else do we learn during the excursion:

– What kind of house in Lebyazhy Lane is connected with the fate of the poet. Where the collection “Sister My Life” was created.

– For whom did Pasternak run around in conversations with Stalin?

– What prediction came true, and who died on a hot day driving a car near Nikitskaya street?

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