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Dombay is a resort settlement of the mountainous country in Karachaevo-Cherkessia

It situated at the height of 1700 meters above the sea level. Mountain Elbrus (5642 m) is nearly 65 km to the East and the Black Sea coast is around 60 km to the West. TOUR TO WONDER DOMBAI WITH INSTYLE TOUR ONLINE

Dombay is a modern recreation and sports center. Being a mountain climbing. And skiing center Dombay attracts thousands of tourists to the Great Caucasus offering a number of travel routes.

Surrounded by the mountains Dombayi is called “the heart of mountains” inspiring the people to enjoy and value the natural beauty of the region.

Dombay is situated in the territory of the Teberda National Park. This region is well-known for its amazing waterfalls: Sofrudshunsky, Ptysh, Chuchhur. And mountain lakes – Kluhor, Turye as well as unique forests and plants.

The variety of nature makes this region picturesque  – high cliffs, gorgeous canyons, mountain rivers, snowy peaks, rhododendrons in blossom and silent glaciers – this is the country of contrasts.

Due to the purity and freshness of air saturated with fir-needles sense, mineral sources. And numerous sunny days the whole year around Dombay is considered to be the best mountain resort in Russia.

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    Multiactive tour "Eveything and at once" -Car trip to Gonachkhir in Russia

    Car trip to Gonachkhir in Russia

    Tour program: Take the cable car to the Musa-Achitara Ridge. Horse trip to the Jamagat gorge - Jamagat narzan - the ruins of the ancient village of Jamagat. Car trip to Gonachkhir in Russia

    Auto-walking route: Alibek Gorge - Alpine Cemetery - Alibek Waterfall - Turje Lake. Route to the Chuchhur waterfalls on quad bikes. Jeep - Kuban gorge - visit to the thermal mineral springs "Djili-Suu". Auto-walking tour to Nizhny Arkhyz with a visit to Europe's largest observatory, Nizhne-Arkhyz settlement and the rock icon of Christ the Savior - "Arkhyz face", rafting. Auto-walking tour to the gorge of Gonachkhir to Lake Tumanyli-Kehl.

    Duration: 8 days. More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

    $ 100010
    Excursion tour "All the beauty of the KCR" -

    Trip to the all the beauty of Dombai

    Trip to the all the beauty of Dombai

    The tour is suitable for unprepared tourists. This tour will be interesting for those tourists who are not ready to make long walks, but want to see the main beauty of KCR and Kavminvod. Trip to the all the beauty of Dombai

    Sights: All-season resort Dombai - Mussa-Achitara ridge (altitude 3012m) - Amanauz Gorge - "Devil's Mill" Canyon - Teberda Resort -State Biosphere Reserve - r. Muruju. - Gum Bashi Pass - observation platform overlooking the Elbrus - Bitcheysyn plateau - Kislovodsk town - Honey waterfalls - Mount Koltso - Spa park - Narzan gallery - Kuban gorge - Auly Uchkulan, Khurzuk, stone Karchi - Shaonin temple.

    Cherkessk - Spa park - Indigenous Narzan springs in the village of Arkhyz - Observatory of the SAO RAS - Ancient Alan fortification - Northern temple (Great martyr George the Victorious) - Middle temple (Holy Trinity Church) - Southern temple (Prophet Elijah of God) Rock Face of Christ - Kumysh Museum - memorial to the defenders of the Caucasus passes.

    Duration: 5, 8, 12, 15 days.

    Dates of arrivals: Every Monday, all the year round.

    $ 50010
    THE BEAUTY OF DOMBAYA ARKHIZ -Wonderful joyrney to Arkhyz

    Wonderful joyrney to Arkhyz

    The weekend tour of "Beauty of Dombai Teberda and Arkhyz" is an opportunity to plunge into an unusual, mysterious history of surprises of the Caucasian nature.

    Stock up with energy and thirst for discovery. Inexpressible natural landscapes, clean mountain air, Caucasian cuisine and an abundance of impressions are already waiting for you!

    Sights:Dombai - Mussa-Achitara Ridge (altitude 3012 m) - Arkhyz - Observatory of the SAO RAS - Ancient Alansky hillfort - rock Christ Face - Teberda - Teberda Biosphere Reserve - Kara-Kel Lake

    More unique tours and excursions on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

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