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Этнопарк Кочевник Сергеев Посад
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The unique zone of the ethnopark “Nomad” is an original territory, a kind of portal to the traditional world of nomadic peoples of Central Asia and the Russian North. Ethnopark The Nomad

The unusual park is located near Sergiev Posad, within walking distance from the big city.The “Nomad” is a rest in the cleanest fresh air surrounded by mixed forests. In which several authentic Mongolian yurts are located. Picturesque landscapes, the absence of city noise, the romance of living in the open air. In the evening. Ethnopark The Nomad

You can sit by the fire, enjoying strong and fragrant herbal tea. Watch the stars and completely immerse yourself in the leisurely and measured atmosphere of the life of nomadic tribes.

Another special feature of the camp is the cognitive cultural environment: the nearby reconstruction of the Russian settlement of the 10th century. The reconstructed dwellings of small peoples – the Nenets plague, the Chukchee yaranga. The Mongolian and Kyrgyz yurts. Interesting and fascinating excursions, bright national costumes, musical instruments. And traditional rituals will help to completely detach from the outside world. And plunge into a new, slightly fabulous atmosphere of the North.

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    Excursion to nomads with animals

    We suggest you to plunge into the atmosphere of a real nomad camp in the open air! Learn the way of life and traditions of nomads, visit their homes and taste national food! And, of course, pass the course of a young nomad for courage and dexterity! Each of you will fall into the camp of a nomadic tribe, receive new names and will be initiated into nomads! Excursion to nomads with animals

    We will teach you how to shoot a Mongol bow, throw a lasso and a spear, tighten a tight rope, twist your sticks, go on Chukchi skis, imitate the sounds of animals and birds, play the warbane and tambourine. Also you will play in the Chukchi ball, dances of the northern peoples and the Mongolian dance "Ehor" around the fire!

    And what kind of nomadism does without animals. You will see and be able to feed and pet camels, yaks, deer, horses, sheep, malamutes, donkey and other animals. The bravest will be able to ride a camel.

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    $ 7510

    Excursion to the Nomad ethnopark

    Ethnographic excursions with a story about the way of life, traditions and culture of the nomads of Mongolia, Kirghizia, Chukotka and Yamal. Visit the Mongolian and Turkic yurts, the Nenets plague and the Chukchi yaranga. Excursion to the Nomad ethnopark

    Visit the zoo with Kalmyk camels, Mongolian yaks, donkey, lamb, goats and geese. The tour starts on the Mongolian court. The program includes: an excursion to the ethnopark, master classes, a concert of the ensemble "Nomad" - songs and dances of the peoples of the north.

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    $ 5510

    Intellectual tour - Russia ancient

    A story about an ancient Russian settlement with a visit of the historical reconstruction of the 13th and 14th centuries. Life of early Rusich. They culture, utensils, buildings, economy, traditions. Master class on Old Slavic writing. Master class on archery or throwing a spear. Intellectual tour - Russia ancient

    Duration of the tour is 2 hours 30 minutes.

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    $ 5510
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