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On March 28 (17th in style) in 1776, Catherine II signed a “privilege” for the maintenance of performances, masquerades, balls and other entertainments for a period of ten years to the prosecutor, Prince Peter Urusov.

This date is considered the foundation day of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater.
You will visit the historical stage, learn the history of the origin of the theater in Russia, the history of the building itself – after all, the present theater is the third one at this place. The ingenious architect Albert Kavos designed the unsurpassed acoustic system of the theater. Being in the main auditorium, we seem to be inside a giant violin.

Each detail of the interior was created taking into account how it will affect the improvement of acoustic characteristics.
Visit the white foyer and admire the magnificent ceiling painted in the grisal technique. The viewer has the full impression that the picture on the ceiling is bulky. What is it is not painting, but stucco. You will enter the hall decorated specially for the coronation of Nicholas II.

This is a hall with a secret. If one person is standing in a corner and whispers something to another, standing in the diametrically opposite corner – they hear each other, while all the others standing in the center of the hall remain outside this conversation!
You will also visit the underground spaces. After the restoration, a new unique underground stage-transformer was built in Bolshoy. The Beethoven Hall is located under the Theater Square, between the main entrance to the theater and the fountain.

The stage space can take the form of a ballroom, or an amphitheater, and also used as a recording studio. And all this in the immediate vicinity of the very near the metro line! The Bolshoi Theater is a “state in the state”. This is not one, but a whole complex of buildings, connected by underground corridors. In the Bolshoi they sew suits for artists, make pointes, create scenery, etc.

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    Excursion to the historical building of the Bolshoi Theater -

    Excursion to the Bolshoi Theater

    It's not just an excursion, it's an opportunity to look into a completely different world. After all, the life of the theater is in full swing, it does not stop and does not freeze for the duration of our excursion. The ballet dancers rehearse something, the technicians set the scenery for the evening performance. We will see the daily life of the grandiose, world famous theater and, of course, we will make unique photographs.

    Duration 2 hours

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