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From the criminal past of Moscow- excursion INSTYLE TOUR

Our story begins with one old story. There was a thief, Ivan Osipov, nicknamed Vanka Kain in Moscow in the 18th century. His criminal career began famously: at the age of 13. Brought to Moscow in the service of his master merchant Philantiev, he robbed him and fled the house.  criminal 

Later, for denunciation of his master, to whom the corpse of a soldier was thrown in, Vanka Cain got freedom and fell into a thief’s den under the “Stone Bridge”. Where a famous nobleman, the Bolkhovitin thief, lived.

About Khitrovka

After visiting a robbery on the Volga, Cain returned to Moscow. Went on a detective order, where he announced that he knew many in the criminal world. Was ready to surrender other thieves. But he gave information only about small thieves. And he hid the big robbers – and soon the entire Moscow police received bribes from him … Only a special commission sent from St. Petersburg could unravel this criminal network.

We will definitely visit the famous Khitrovka. And we will learn how a common market turned into a social ulcer of the city. How accommodation houses were arranged. Who their inhabitants were. What categories they shared, and what kind of lifestyle they led. Let’s talk about the thieves’ language, remember the taverns of “Katorga”, “Transit” and “Siberia” and … Moscow Art Theater.

A separate point of our excursion is a monument to the “holy doctor” Haas. Who stood up for the improvement of the conditions of detention of prisoners. We’ll find out why pillows were stuffed with algae; as prisoners reached Siberia; what are the “gaazovsky” shackles, and what was the weekly schedule of the “holy doctor”. Considering that our guide Leonid Mihajlovich Vidgof knows how amazing it is to tell even about the most obvious things. We highly recommend visiting this unusual excursion.

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    From the criminal past of Moscow -Our guide Leonid Mihajlovich Vidgof will tell you everything about the criminal past of Moscow, so we highly recommend visiting this unusual excursion. Bus tour, 4 hours More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!$ 3515
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