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Gastronomic tours in Vladimir region – is a real journey.  That includes in its program a detailed story about the origin of the culinary culture of our area. And the tasting of the most authentic dishes and appetizing local delicacies. And if you wish, you will be taught how to cook them. GASRTONOMIC TOUR IN RUSSIA

Especially for you, the experts of the project made 4 expeditions in Vladimir region. Visited 7 districts, investigated 27 objects, assessing the technical condition of the sites. The level of service, and the quality of the dishes. The working on the project team collected and continues to collect unique recipes preserved in the region. Dishes prepared according to these recipes will be presented to the guests for tasting.
Gastronews – are culinary master classes, lectures, competitions, tastings, familiarity with celebrities in the field of gastronomy, trips to agricultural farms, bakeries, cheese shops, gastroshopping and, of course, the warm atmosphere of a friendly feast that is so typical for the hospitality industry.
Coming to us, you will always find an interesting recipe for cooking and enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends.
The gastronomic tour is not only tasty food, but information, new knowledge and familiarity with the culture and history of Vladimir region! Dear guests, welcome to famous hospitable Vladimir region!

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    "Gold ring of Russia". A Tasty Journey! Bogdarnya-Vladimir - Suzdal -

    Gastronomic tour in Russia to the agrarian tourism complex

    Petushinskiy  district, Krutovo village, Agrotouristic complex "Bogdarnya" Gastronomic tour in Russia

    A walk through the contact farm and stables of the agrarian tourism complex "Bogdarnya" of the farmer John Kozyka. "Vladimir heavy truck" - the national treasure of Russia. The story of the complex's specialists about the annual tournament on the crew ride "Vladimirsky trakt", riding on the Russian troika.

    Farm brunch in the "Kolkhoz club" complex: tea with herbs, ricotta sour cream with sour cream. Porridge, invigorating creamy morning aperitif according to the owners' recipe. During the break - an excursion to the John Cook's cheese shop: a story about the production, a tasting of cheeses. Continuation of brunch at the grill-veranda - master-class "Meat" and tasting of brand steaks.

    City ​​of Vladimir The hotel and restaurant complex "Russian Village" The inn "Okolitsa"

    All dishes in the Tavern "Okolitsa" are cooked (languished) in a Russian stove in cast iron, no ingredient passes additional heat treatment. Master of Russian cuisine, chef Angela Filippova kneads a guest at a dinner. A master class for the preparation of traditional wickets is open patties of "cheesecake". It made from rye flour stuffed with mashed potatoes or millet porridge.  Walk on the complex "Russian Village", a contact zoo. Overnight in Vladimir.

    Suzdal,State Customs Committee "Suzdal",Lunch "Soviet"

    The first hotel and tourist center of the USSR, awarded international awards in architecture, the architectural landmark of Suzdal and the site of the favorite New Year charity film "Magicians". Lunch "Soviet" from the chef of the State Customs Committee "Suzdal": Olivier, tongue of jellied, cod in Moscow, cake "Potato" and compote. Crockery made of crystal and thin glass with golden hem, faience sets with gold inscription "Restaurant". The chef in the high starched cap tells "About the tasty and healthy food", and at the end of lunch the waiter in the butterfly submits a "Book of complaints and suggestions". Nostalgic dinner in the style of the USSR is designed for the widest audience of guests.

    Gostiny Dvor Restaurant, Lunch "Russian"

    The royal table for a winter Sunday lunch and a sweet master class for children from the chef of the Gostiny Dvor restaurant Anton Sinichkin. This is the place where you want to eat slowly. Tasting Sunday menu for a group of 15-20 people. Pickles of own preparation from Suzdal cellars, herring from Dymov with warm potatoes and mustard, baked pork baked in honey-mustard sauce.

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    Gastronomic travels to "Russian Hollywood" "Pokrov – Vladimir – Suzdal" -

    Gastronomic trip to ''Russian Hollywood''

    Petushinskiy district,Pokrov,Factory "Pokrovsky gingerbread" Gastronomic trip to ''Russian Hollywood''

    The history of the carrot. A glass tunnel above the shops of the factory allows you to see the full cycle of production of the young gastronomic brand of the region - "Pokrovsky gingerbread". At the end of the tour - a master class on painting the New Year's gingerbread. At the end of the program, you will have a festive tea party with a tasting of the most popular varieties of Pokrovsky gingerbread and special festive ones.

    Suzdal,Bakery's Nest of Bakers

    In the shopping arcades overlooking the bend of the Kamenka River Tasting dinner with master classes in two parts. The concept of the kitchen baker Dmitry Novokreschenov - "here and now." I bought a good piece of beef in the morning - cooked, brought seasonal fresh berries - for lunch we already eat sorbet from them. In the first part of the dinner - tasting branded liquor restaurant-bakery, tasting set of baked snacks on fresh baguette, squash pie. Overnight in Suzdal.

    According to "Russian Hollywood"

    In the morning, after breakfast, "Kinotur in Suzdal" - the largest film studio in the country under the open sky - more than 80 paintings filmed in Suzdal. The end of the program in the Museum of Cinema in the hotel complex Pushkarskaya Sloboda.

    Hotel complex Pushkarskaya Sloboda, Festive shop "Vinaigrette"

    Author's tasting dinner "Russian Cuisine" In the open kitchen of the experimental studio-buffet chef Maxim Rybakov will prepare dishes of modern Russian cuisine, talk about farm products that he tries to use in his kitchen, local farmers, his garden, about work in Moscow and what he thinks about becoming farmer-chef.

    Farmer's restaurant and culinary studio "Cucumber"

    The author's dinner at the farm restaurant "Cucumber" from the chef Yuri Kovalchuk. Cucumber jelly with salmon of weak salt, tasting of cucumber, the rassolnik - a modern look at traditional soup.

    Master-class "Suzdal cuisine" for cooking cucumber jam in the Culinary Studio "Cucumber" with a gift to each participant.

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    $ 65045
    "Lunch from chef" Pokrov - Vladimir - Suzdal - Yuryev-Polsky -Gastronomic trip to Russian regoin

    Gastronomic trip to Russian regoin

    Petushinskiy district, Pokrov city, Factory "Pokrovsky gingerbread"

    Gastronomic trip to Russian regoin Excursion to the history of the gingerbread. A glass tunnel above the shops of the factory allows you to see the full cycle of production of the young gastronomic brand of the region - "Pokrovsky gingerbread". At the end of the tour - a master class on painting gingerbread with icing, you can paint your own personal gingerbread and take it with you.

    City ​​of Vladimir,Uspensky Cathedral (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

    The cathedral was built in the second half of the 12th century in the epoch of the reign of Andrei Bogolyubsky for the famous Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, symbolizing its patronage of the Vladimir-Suzdal land. The Assumption Cathedral is painted with frescoes by the Monk Andrei Rublev.

    Park-Hotel "Voznesenskaya Sloboda,Krucha Restaurant

    Walking along the verandas, inspection of the greenhouses of the restaurant with the chef of the complex Kirill Sinichkin. Autumn tasting dinner from the chef. The chef prepares at guests, talks about modern Russian cuisine, seasonal menu, about favorite farmer-suppliers and farm products. Overnight in the city of Suzdal.

    Suzdal,Hotel complex Pushkarskaya Sloboda,Restaurant "Beehive"

    "Village" lunch and a master class from the brand-chef of the hotel complex "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" Maxim Rybakov. Traditional turnips, porridge from a poultry - today rare products on a Russian table. Maxim offers an author's view on the preparation of dishes from farm products: salting fish with boiled bread, porridge from polba with smoked meats, rabbit with porcini mushrooms and caramelized turnips, dessert "Taiga", cranberry mors.

    Yuriev-Polsky, Cafe Favorit

    Afternoon snack: tea with herbs, tobolka (traditional Russian cake with cottage cheese), baby pies. Tasting of dairy products of Yuriev-Polsky dairy factory. "A cake basket" for tourists to take away, to the bus.

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