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Iturup Island
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Kuril islands

Iturup is the largest of the Kuril Islands (Sakhalin region). The whole area of the island is 6, 725 sq km; its length – 200 km; width – from 7 to 27 km. Iturup, which is located in the southern part of the chain, consists of volcanic massifs and mountain ranges. The island has heights up to 1, 634 m. Its coasts are high and precipitous. Alder shrubs are located in the northeastern part of the island; copses of Kuril larch can be found in the central part. There are mixed forests with lianas in the southwest of the island. Thickets of Kuril bamboo grow in the underbrush. Erman’s birch and Japanese stone pines are found in the upper mountain belt. The town of Kurilsk is located on this beautiful island. All the islands are currently under Russian jurisdiction. Information about Trip to Kuril islands.

Japan claims the two southernmost large islands (Iturupand Kunashir) as part of its territory, as well as Shikotan and the Habomai islets, which has led to the ongoing Kuril Islands dispute. The disputed islands are known in Japan as the country’s “Northern Territories”. The climate on the islands is generally severe. With long, cold, stormy winters and short and notoriously foggy summers. The average annual precipitation is 30–40 inches (760–1,020 mm), most of which falls as snow.

Owing to their location along the Pacific shelf edge and the confluence of Okhotsk Sea gyre and the southward Oyashio Current, the Kuril islands are surrounded by waters that are among the most productive in the North Pacific, supporting a wide range and high abundance of marine life.

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    10 days Sightseeing tour to the Iturup Island -Great joyrney to the Sakhalin

    Great joyrney to the Sakhalin

    Frst Day Great joyrney to the Sakhalin

    Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel (standard rooms). City tour (2-3 hours) (local history museum (entrance to the museum is included in the tour price), visit to the Japanese treasury, a park of culture and recreation (founded by the Japanese)

    Second day 08:00 - Breakfast. 09:00 - departure to the port of Korsakov. 13:00 - departure to the island of Iturup (m / v "Igor Farkhutdinov"). Travel time 18 - 20 hours. Meals on the ship are paid yourself.
    Day Three Arrival to Iturup Island. Iturup is the largest island in the area. There are many waterfalls on the island, including one of the highest in Russia - Ilya Muromets waterfall. The island, while under the jurisdiction of Japan, was poorly populated due to the harsh climate. On November 26, 1941, it was from the harbor on the island of Iturup that a Japanese carrier squadron left to strike at Pearl Harbor. Transfer to the tent camp. Dinner.
    Day four Departure to the volcano of Baransky (duration 5-6 hours). After 12 km. at the top of 516 m. there is a trigonometric sign, so the peak is called Trinoga. The climb to the summit is protracted, lasting 12 km. From the top of Trinoga, there is a panoramic view: from the west, the Kurilsky Bay, the settlement of Kitov, the town of Kurilsk; from the north volcano Bogdan Khmelnitsky; in the east, the Bay of Prostor, p. Reidovo, White rocks; in the south the volcanoes of Baransky (altitude 1132 km), Tebenkova, Grozny, Volchok mountain. From the bowels of the earth, therapeutic springs are being beaten, the hot river flows from a deep The boiling lake. You can take a dip in hot springs and enjoy majestic beauty of the volcano!

    ATTENTION! In the area of ​​fumarolic fields precautions - you can fall into the hot mud, in the area of ​​mineral springs - get chemical burns. You can swim in springs with a certain temperature of water. Lunch (hiking) Dinner at the camp

    Day five Breakfast. Departure to the berth for departure on the yacht to the bay "Cannery" (time in the way 40-50 minutes). Sea voyage on a yacht along the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The picturesque coastline is striking in its variety: steep cliffs with waterfalls, lush vegetation, trees, rock falls, bays hanging over the shore. In the sea you will be watched by curious, friendly seals and accompanied by loud seagulls. We will be able to approach the bird markets (places nesting gulls) and land on the shore in the bay. Next we will return to the bay "Cannery", the former Japanese settlement, where there are still Japanese canneries for the production of canned food, the foundations of houses and a factory. And perhaps the most surprising thing in the trip is the appearance of red foxes, whose desire to have a snack with you is much greater than the fear of man. Lunch at the seashore. Return to the campground. On request: departure to mineral springs (entrance 200 rubles / 1 person-paid independently) Dinner.
    Day Six Breakfast Departure to the bay on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the bay "Kasatka" (journey time is 1 hour). Excursion along the coast of the bay (visiting historical places) Bathing in the ocean in the presence of weather. Lunch (hiking) Transfer to the river "Kuibyshevka". The Kuibyshevka River is located in the central part of Iturup Island, on its western coast. This is the largest, accessible and interesting for fishing and rafting the river of the island. The route stretches for about 20 km along places untouched by civilization. On the river there are many places convenient for fishing, with deep and wide holes, where the fish going to spawn, rest. Visit to the old Japanese cemetery Visit to the lake "Tank" and the former parking of the Ainu Return to the campground Dinner at the camp.
    Day seven
    Breakfast. Excursion to the White rocks, Sopochnoe, waterfall "Devichy spit "(the duration of the excursion is 7-8 hours), we are moving along the coastline along the "White Rocks", a thicker pumice, from which the White rocks are composed, uniform in shape. It was formed already in historical time, as a result a colossal eruption of a glowing gas cloud. People of the Stone Age could well be witnesses or even victims of this event, before which the eruption of Vesuvius falling asleep Pompeii fades. After the "White Cliffs" a stunning view of the waterfall "Devichi" spit "from the mountains falls a lot of water, which fascinates your eyes, and you begin to feel like a lilliput in the country of giants. A huge waterfall, giant mugs and hawthorn surround you, and you no longer want to get out of this "captivity"

    When driving to the lake "Sopochnoe" we pass the old Japanese the airfield on which the Japanese were preparing to strike at Pearl Harbor, you can go through the remaining bunkers and a runway. Lunch (hiking) Return to the campground, Dinner at the camp

    Day eighth  Breakfast Excursion by car in the "Second Yankito" and "Limonite Cascade" Survey of the coastline along the entire route Transfer to the Limonite Cascade, inspection of the place where lava is released from Bogdan Khmelnitsky volcano. Moving to the foot of the volcano Bogdan Khmelnitsky Lunch (camp). Return to the campground On request: departure to mineral springs (entrance 200 rubles / 1 person- paid by yourself) Dinner at the camp

    Day the ninth Breakfast Excursion by car to the bay "Belavina" and the cape "Sandy" From Kurilsk through with. Fishermen to the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk by car to the edge of impenetrable bamboos .. Walking route along a difficult trail and along the coast. Visit the beach. The coast is "decorated" with trees with "flag" crowns. Formed data from the crowns of winds constantly blowing in one direction. With good weather, swimming. Return to the car. Visiting the "zoo" or "zoo" (a natural "zoo", where at a distance of 10-50 meters you can see brown bears that come out to eat a fish carefully brought by a person, so the Kurils "sign" the contract with the lord of the Kuril taiga, bringing from year to year in the same place the first fish delivered by fishing vessels) (a possible period is August, September) Visit to the bay "Belavina", the place where the festival is held (Fisherman's Day, etc.) Lunch (camp). Return to the campground Dinner at the camp Fees, preparation for departure

    The tenth day Breakfast. Transfer to the port 15:00 - Departure to Korsakov on m / x "Igor Farkhutdinov" Meals on the ship - independently

    Duration of the trip 10 days

    Dates of the races and periodicity: Negotiate with the correspondence.

    Included in the price: - excursions to the program; - Transfers according to the program; - accommodation in a tent camp (the camp is equipped with: tents, sleeping bags (resistance to cold at -5 degrees), light (there is the possibility of charging photos and video equipment, dining room) - transport service on routes; - guidance by instructors on all routes; - registration of the border checkpoint on the Island of Iturup; - accident insurance.

    Note: With you you need to have: First Aid Kit,a camera, warm and waterproof clothing, a jacket, slates, boots or waterproof shoes, a bathing suit, mosquito repellent, suntan, headgear. Fishermen can take their fishing tackle!

    The program and routes in the Kuriles can vary depending on the weather conditions and the desires of customers.

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