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Old Kashira is known from the middle of the XIV century, and it is located on a high hill, on the left bank of the Oka, in Moscow Russia called the “Belt of the Virgin”, from the fact that the Oka until the end of the XVII century defended the Moscow lands from the Tatar raids. Tour to ancient city KashiraTour  to ancient city Kashira

In 1591 the Crimean Tatars once again ravaged Old Kashira. And from that time the city of Kashira developed on the right bank of the Oka. On the northern edge of the boundless Wild Field. The ancient settlement of Old Kashira is huge and very expressive. Tour to ancient city Kashira

In the estate Sukovo you can see the Kazan church built in 1746.
The Trinity Belopsotsky Monastery has been known since 1498. But the legend attributes its foundation to the times of Sergius of Radonezh and Dmitry of Don. The monastery is located on the left bank of the Oka River. And is currently being rebuilt.
Next, we move Oka on the bridge, admiring the river valley, and get acquainted with the estate of Lida.
In Kashira we visit the museum of local lore. We examine the Assumption Cathedral and the Vvedenskaya Church.
From the high right bank of the Oka we find fortifications mentioned in chronicles XII of the cities of Koltusk and Lobynsk. And find the river ford. Which Dmitri Donskoi crossed in the summer of 1380. Following the Kulikovo field.
The Taraskovo estate we will see from the bridge over the Oka. One of LN’s daughters. Tolstoy in Taraskovo was married to Glebov. A lavish wedding aroused the displeasure of the great writer, and Taraskovo gained fame.

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    Kashira - road to the Wild Field -

    Intellectual excursion to Kashira

    Excursion program - travel information; Intellectual excursion to Kashira - visits to the ancient settlement of Kashira; - Acquaintance with Sukovo estate; - Visit to Troitsky Belopesotsky monastery; - Visit to the estate of Lidino and a walk in the valley of the Oka; - acquaintance with Kashira, visiting the museum of local lore, visiting the Trinity Cathedral and the Vvedensky Church; - walk in the park of the estate Zendikovo.

    Travel time: 2 hours. Highway: Don, 130 km. Duration: 7 hours More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!
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