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Monastery of David's Deserts
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We will visit the village of Talezh. We will see the church built by AG at the end of the 18th century. Orlov and descend into the valley of the river Samorodinka. To the spring and bath of the Monk David. Khatun Ryazan volost in Moscow

In Melikhovo we come to the wooden church of the Nativity of Christ and visit the museum-estate of A.P. Chekhov.
In the village of Novoselki we will see the Assumption Church built in 1704.
In the village of Kryukovo we will see the St. Nicholas Church from 1838-1855.
Monastery of David’s Deserts of the 16th-20th centuries. located on the high right bank of the Lopasni River, is now restored and it has preserved the relics of the founder of the Monk David.
The Orlov estate of Semyonovskoe Otrada, with the palace, the St. Nicholas Church, a family burial vault and an extensive park, two centuries ago was one of the most magnificent palace ensembles in Russia.
In Khatuni, we will examine the Church of the Resurrection Church built by the Orlovs and rise to the site of the ancient city of Khatun, which in the 12th century belonged to the Ryazan princes.
In the village of Pochinki we will visit the church of Michael the Archangel.

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    Khatun Ryazan volost in Moscow lands and the Orlovs' heritage in the Moscow region -

    Intellectual excursion in Khatyn

    Excursion program - travel information; Intellectual excursion in Khatyn - visits to Talha, the source of the Monk David; - Visit to Melikhov; - visiting the church in Novoselki and in Kryukovo; - acquaintance with the monastery of David's deserts; - walk along the estate Semenovskoe Otrada; - Visit to the church and fortifications in Khatuni; - acquaintance with the temple of Michael the Archangel in the Fixings

    Travel time: 1 hour. Highway: Simferopol, Don, 80 km. Duration: 6 hours. More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!
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