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Kolomna is the city of the Ryazan princes, which became part of the Moscow principality in the early 14th century. Journey to Kolomna historical russian town

In the village of Gorodishche (now within the boundaries of Kolomna) there is the most ancient temple of the Moscow region of John the Baptist of the XIV century. With a mysterious stone, walled in with a picture of a unicorn. Journey to Kolomna historical russian town

Grand Duke Vasily III Ioannovich in the first third of the XVI century built in Kolomna the majestic walls of the Kremlin. Not inferior to the power of the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin.
In the Kolomna Kremlin there is a stone church of the Resurrection of the Lord. In which Prince Dmitry Ioannovich Donskoy and Suzdal princess Evdokia Dmitrievna were married.

Novo-Golutvin Kolomna Monastery is a metochion of Kolomna bishops. Whose department existed from the middle of the 14th century. The building of the Kolomna Ecclesiastical School remembers Philaret Drozdov. Metropolitan of Moscow, who raised funds for the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.
At the Kolomna landing site, we will visit the shop of the newly created museum of the Kolomna pastilla. The recipes of which have been restored according to old sources.
On the southern outskirts of Kolomna we will visit Staro-Golutvin Monastery of the XIV-XXI centuries, remembering Sergius of Radonezh.
Passing through the bridge over the Oka River we will see the mouth of the Moscow River.
On the way from Moscow to Kolomna we will get acquainted with the manors and churches in the villages of Krivtsy and Nikitskoye, and also we will stop in Bronnitsy on the cathedral square and get acquainted with its history.

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    Kolomna - a journey to the confluence of the rivers Moscow and Oka -

    Unique excursion to Kolomna

    Excursion program: - travel information; Unique excursion to Kolomna

    - Visit to the Smolensk church in Krivets; - visiting Bronnitsy; - Acquaintance with the manor of Nikitsky; - visits to the village of Gorodnya and acquaintance with the Church of John the Baptist of the 14th century; - Visit to the Kolomna Kremlin, Brusenets and Novo-Golutvin monasteries, salon-shop; - acquaintance with the planting of Kolomna and visiting the shop of the museum of pastilles; - Visit to the Old Golutvin Monastery; - travel over the Oka and familiarity with the mouth of the Moscow River; - a visit to the monastery of Bobrenev; - the muse of pastilles; - blacksmith's art museum

    Travel time: 2 hours.

    Highway: Ryazan,

    100 km.Duration: 10 hours.

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