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Krasnoyarsk is a large industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Siberia.

Krasnoyarsk Territory occupies the second place in Russia in size, second only to Yakutia (Sakha), its total area is 2 million 366 thousand square kilometers, for comparison, its area would accommodate 51 Moscow region, represent the scale of the territory.

Krasnoyarsk is constantly growing and developing, the construction of residential and public buildings is proceeding at a high rate. The living conditions and the external appearance of the capital of the region are improving. Krasnoyarsk was created as a jail for the protection of the eastern borders of Russia. As a springboard for further development of lands.

The fortress was laid on the high left bank of the Yenisei not far from the mouth of the Kacha river in 1628 on August 18, from that day the glorious history of the city of Krasnoyarsk is estimated. The founder of the fortress is Andrey Anubriyevich Dubensky, it was he who found a suitable place for the construction of the prison. Compiled a detailed construction plan. His plans were approved in Moscow. Commissioned to erect fortifications.

Andrei Dubensky, led by the Cossacks in the number of 300 people. First built a “small” prison, it was called “Red” or “New Kachin prison.” Later the prison was named “Krasny Yar” because it was connected with a red hill, the locals called it “Kyzyl Jar”, which means “Red Hill” in Russian. The fortress was a quadrangle measuring 100 by 120 meters, enclosed by a rampart. A Moat and walls of sharpened logs almost 3.5 meters high, as well as two carriageways towers. Three sentry towers were installed, on which guns and squeaks were installed.

The first voivodeship of the Red Yard was appointed Akinov Arkhip Fedorovich.
Let’s look at the modern look of Krasnoyarsk, walk along its streets. Stop at the sights and of course we will admire the most notable and beautiful reserved places in Krasnoyarsk.


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