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Lermontov’s Moscow excursion in Moscow

Overnight September 2 into September 3, 1814, a future poet was born in a two-story stone house on the Krasnovorotskaya Square (Red Gates). Nowadays a high-rise building is located on its site. In the autumn of 1827, Lermontov and his grandmother  E. A. Arsenyeva came to Moscow from Tarkhan.  excursion 

They spent the winter with their relatives Meshcherinovs who lived in Bolshaya Sergievsky Lane. In 1828, Lermontov enrolled in a university boarding school. In the spring of the same year, Arsenyeva and her grandson settled on Povarskaya.

Her image always reminded the poet of his native town. In a letter to her sister, he wrote: “… Moscow is my homeland, and will always be: I was born there, I suffered a lot there, and I was too happy there!”.

Lermontov’s live

On Bolshaya Molchanovka lived A friend of the poet N. I. Polivanov, who later studied with him in a military school lived on the Bolshaya Molchanovka.

Leonid Mikhailovich Vidgof will tell about the most important milestones of the biography of the poet.

Why was Lermontov born in Moscow? Complicated family situation, the conflict of grandmother and father. Choosing a name.

What difficulties did the poet encounter during his studies at the university? The atmosphere that prevailed there, the conflict with the professors.

What was the love for Lopukhina for the poet? Interests, creativity, idols of the Moscow period.

The Lermontov Kremlin. Why did Lermontov write Borodino? “The song about the merchant Kalashnikov.” Lermontov looking at Moscow from the Bell tower of Ivan the Great.

Lermontov in the Pavlovs’ salon. The Pavlovs’ Salon – one of the intellectual centers of Moscow. Reading “Mtsyri”. Disputes about the “Hero of Our Time”.

Petrovsky Palace – the last residence of Lermontov in Moscow. Lermontov and the Caucasian War – the war through the eyes of Lermontov. Lermontov about Russia. The premonition of death.

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