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The Holy Virgin Optina Poustinia is located not far from the city of Kozelsk, on the picturesque bank of the Zhizdra river.  TRIP TO SAINT PLACES IN RUSSIA 

According to the local legend, the monastery was founded by the former ataman of a band of robbers nicknamed Opt. Who repented and took monastic vows with the name Makarii. The flourishing of spiritual life in the monastery. In the XIX century was associated with the revival of the eldership. TRIP TO SAINT PLACES IN RUSSIA 

The spiritual eldership refers to the guidance of monks and laymen by an experienced confessor. In terms of a sincere spiritual attitude and complete obedience of the spiritual children to their spiritual father – the elder, to whom spiritual children fully reveal their actions and thoughts. And whose recommendations they accept as obedience. Many well-known writers came to fill the spiritual thirst at this source of grace. Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, Anna Akhmatova and other well-known representatives of the Russian intelligentsia. And, as before, an endless stream of pilgrims still goes on. TRIP TO SAINT PLACES IN RUSSIA

People come here for spiritual healing, for help in misfortunes to the great elder Ambrosius, to all the elders of the monastery, taking away in their hearts the blessed image of the Optina Poustinia and the blessing of the holy ascetics, who are buried there. TRIP TO SAINT PLACES IN RUSSIA 

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    Excursion tour in Optina Pustn

    1st day Moscow - Kozelsk - Optina Poustinia Excursion tour in Optina Pustn

    07:30 - Departure to the city of Kozelsk. Travel information. Svyato-Vvedenskaya Kozelskaya Optina Makarieva Poustinia. Lunch in the refectory of the monastery. Hotel accommodation. Excursion. Chapel of the New Martyrs. Source of reverend Paphnutiya Borovsky (font). Skeet. Evening divine service. Dinner. Departure to the hotel. Accommodation. Recreation.

    2nd DAY Kozelsk -  Klykovo - Shamordino - Moscow

     Morning worship. Lunch in the refectory of the monastery. Moving to village Klykovo. Monastery of the Savior's Acheiropaeic Image. A story about schemanum Zippora - a spiritual elderly woman. Visiting her cell and other shrines. Moving to the village of Shamordino. Kazan Holy Amvrosieva Shamordinskaya female abode. Excursion. Source (font). Departure to Moscow. 22:00 - Arrival in Moscow.

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