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The Optina Pustyn is an Eastern Orthodox monastery for men near Kozelsk in Russia.

In the 19th century, the Optina was the most important spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church and served as the model for several other monasteries, including the nearby Shamordino Convent. It was particularly renowned as the centre of Russian staretsdom. The Optina Pustyn is  monastery for men  in Russia

It is not clear when the monastery was established. Its name is derived from the Russian word for “living together,” possibly because nuns were allowed into the cloister prior to 1504.

Most of the monastery buildings were erected at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, when the monastery was being renovated as a centre of Russian staretsdom. In 1821, a hermitage for startsy was established 400 metres (1,300 ft) away from the monastery. The startsy attracted crowds of devout Christians to Kozelsk. Among others, Optina Pustyn was visited by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Vasily Zhukovsky, Nikolai Gogol, Ivan Turgenev, and Vasily Rozanov. Leo Tolstoy also visited the monastery, although he didn’t approve of the staretsdom.

The cloister boasted a rich library, collected with help from the Slavophile Kireyevsky brothers, both buried within the monastery walls. The philosopher Konstantin Leontyev lived at the monastery for four years and took the tonsure here. The local starets Saint Amvrosy is said to have been a prototype of Father Zosima in Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov.

After the Russian Revolution, the last of the startsy were forcibly deported from the monastery, which was declared a gulag. The last hegumen was executed in Tula in 1938. Later, some of the structures were demolished, while the cathedral was designated a literary museum.

In 1987 with the beginning of Perestroika, Optina Pustyn was one of the first abbeys to be returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. In the 1990s its most notable startsy were glorified as saints. They are commemorated together on October 10 (October 23 on the Gregorian Calendar).

In 1993 three inhabitants of the monastery were murdered on Easter night. They were hieromonk Vasily (Roslyakov), monk Ferapont (Pushkarev) and monk Trophim (Tatarinov), known collectively as the Optina martyrs.

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    2 Dasys trip to Optina Pustyn from Moscow -Trip to Optina Pustyn in Russia

    Trip to Optina Pustyn in Russia

    The first day of the pilgrimage trip is allotted to Optina Deserts. In addition to the standard excursion program, you get an opportunity to visit the evening service and the Liturgy. For the night we stop at the monastery hotel. This allows you to independently manage free time. Trip to Optina Pustyn in Russia

    The second day begins with the early Liturgy in the cathedral of Optina Desert. After the service, we are going to the monastery of the Savior Not Made by Desert, located in the village of Klykovo. In a programme:

    excursion to the monastery; walk through the territory; visit to the cell of the mother Zeppora On the way back to Moscow we are waited by a traditional excursion to Shamordino.

    Optina Pustyn has a special destiny. In the 19th century thousands of Russian people came here. Such fame was associated with the revival of the eldership in Optina. The Elder is a person who knows the will of God. Fourteen elders made this monastery famous. And today thousands of pilgrims are coming here again! A trip to Optina Pustyn is an important event in the life of an Orthodox believer. Numerous reviews already visited here once again confirm - the pilgrimage to Optina Deserts brings great benefits to the soul! The mission of the service "To the Origins" is to provide comfortable travel, take on organizational issues, conduct interesting and memorable excursions. We offer the following bus tours from Moscow.

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    1 day trip to Optina Pustyn from Moscow -Trip to Monastery Optina Pustyn

    Trip to Monastery Optina Pustyn - Holy place in Russian

    Monastery Optina Pustyn is located in the Kaluga region (230 rm far from Moscow), a few kilometers from the ancient city of Kozelsk.

    A trip to Optina deserts from Moscow takes a little time. The distance is 230 km from the Church of the Archangel Michael in Troparevo, where our buses depart. Therefore, we have time to take part in the solemn service - Akathistus pr. Ambrose of Optina. In addition, we visit the Predtechensky monastery and the temples of the monastery.

    On the way back to Moscow we visit the Kazan women's deserts in Shamordino. This monastery was created with the blessing of St. Ambrose of Optina for widows and orphans. Throughout his life he cared for this monastery.

    Optina deserts and Shamordino - two monasteries, inextricably linked. In Shamordino we visit a very beautiful Kazan Cathedral with its amazing icons. We also take a walk to the springs. The beauty and special atmosphere of these places for a long time remain in the memory of pilgrims.

    Travel information: Arrival to the Holy Vvedensky Optina of the Desert, a tour of the monastery: Kazan Cathedral, Vladimirsky, chapel of the Resurrection of Christ over the graves of the Optina New Martyrs, the Baptist Skete Akathist before the relics of St. Ambrose of Optina Lunch (if possible in the monastery refectory or in the monastery tea room on your own) free time Drive to Shamordino. Tour of the monastery Visiting the Holy Sources

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