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A wooden church in the village of Spas is known since the XV century. The stone church of the Transfiguration in the village of Spas was built in 1770-1791. The temple was not closed in the Soviet era, and therefore, was not looted and gives an idea of ​​pre-revolutionary rural churches. Tour to monumenatl village Ruza

The watersheds of the rivers Ruza and Moscow from the south. And the rivers Lama, Shosha and Volga from the north converge on the village of Spas. For centuries the caravans of river vessels went here down the river with the eloquent name Voloshnaya on the way to Veliky Novgorod.

A vast estate of the Romanov Grand Dukes can be found in the village Ostashevo on the shore of the Ruza reservoir. The village of Brazhnikovo is also located on the shore of the Ruza reservoir. In the manor of Brazhnikovo. The church of the Annunciation 1713-1715 was restored. The estate of Bolychevo was built in the 18th century by General Count L. K. Razumovsky. Who owned the Petrovskoye-Razumovsky Estate.

In 1795, on the hill, in the village of Karacharovo a large stone church was built in Nikolsky by the order of the Count Lev Kirilovich Razumovsky. This is one of the little-known masterpieces of Russian classicism in the Moscow region.

The village of Peski has been known since 1596. It is mentioned in the spiritual charter of the Volotsk prince Fyodor Borisovich. In Sands, local residents preserved the ancient wooden Sretensk church with icons of the 17th century. The wooden sculpture of the 18th century Neil Stolbensky is kept in the church. The wooden temple in Peski is an invaluable treasure of Russian civilization.

In the estate of Porechye a palace was built under the Graf S. S. Uvarov. The Minister of Education, according to the project of architect Domenico Gilardi. In the vast estate preserved church of the Nativity of the Virgin in 1804, similar to the Znamensky church of the village of Komlev .

From the village of Myshkino, the eastern shore of the Mozhaisk reservoir and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. You can see a high hill of Tushkov’s town, which was mentioned in a spiritual charter of the Duke Dmitry Donskoy.
The village of Goretovo is known since the XV century. It is located on the shore of the Mozhaisk reservoir. In the manor there is preserved the Trinity Church, a stone wing, a park.

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    Ruza, monuments of the north-west of the district, surrounding the Ruza reservoir. -

    Intellectual excursion to Ruza. Monuments and estates

    Excursion program - travel information; - Visit to the church of the village of Spas and acquaintance with the drag on Lama; - walk in the park of the vast estate Ostashevo; - Visit to the manor of Brazhnikovo; - Visit to the manor Bolychevo; - visits to the St. Nicholas Church in the village of Karacharovo; - Acquaintance with the wooden Sretenskaya church in Sands; - Acquaintance with the manor of Porechye; - walk along the shore of the Mozhaisk reservoir in the village of Myshkino and inspect the town of Tushkov on the opposite bank of the reservoir; - Walk through the estate of Goretovo.

    Travel time: 2 hours.Highway: New Riga, Minsk, 150 km. Duration: 8 hours.   More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!
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