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Underground Moscow has always attracted curious people. Those were treasure hunters, archaeologists, and just explorers of “handicraftsmen,” and finally citizen scientists or, in simple terms, diggers. Secrets excursion to underground Moscow

But what does unite all these people for several centuries? – Passion for the unknown. To search for long-forgotten underground structures obscured with layers of soil, brick and concrete. Secrets excursion to underground Moscow

First of all, underground Moscow includes all of its modern underground part. Which provides uninterrupted coordinated work of a huge and complex organism of a modern metropolis: city communications, subway, special facilities and civil defense facilities, cellars of houses, etc. But all these artificial cavities are appropriately. Regularly checked by enterprises services, and, anyhow, are supported by a city in a proper condition.

But there are also historical, long-forgotten dungeons formed during the development of a white stone in the steep once coasts of Moscow rivers. Secret underground passages (hiding places) dug in case of an inconspicuous moving within hailstones. And sealed casemates and crocks sealed for centuries by brick and stone blocks.

Such underground storages were made mainly in monasteries and fortresses for the storage of various values. Even if in the wooden back then Moscow was raging fire. The city burned to the ground, the contents of the dungeons were not under threat. Many of the old, often mysterious. Both in the manner of construction. And in its purpose, structures have already been found, many are only to be found. The underground structure of the capital is a colossal and extremely complex topic, in which the voices of the past epochs intertwined with the most modern technical solutions. But even despite all the achievements of the twenty-first century, the conquest of outer space and ocean depths, today’s Moscow still asks more questions to Muscovites than answers them.

Moscow is an ancient city, everyone knows this. But despite the fact that the image of the capital has changed significantly in recent years. The spirit of history, the spirit of the past epochs has not left it yet. It took an underground refuge from the modern bustle.

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    Secrets of underground Moscow -

    Mysteries of underground Moscow

    Walktour, without descent to the ground Mysteries of underground Moscow  The underground city disappears under the imperceptible building. In the center of Moscow. The lift mine conducting to tunnels of the underground city is protected by a reinforced concrete dome 6 meters thick! The entrance under a dome is blocked by doors of half-meter thickness!   More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!
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