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Serpukhov city
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Serpukhov is a fortress on the Oka River, at the mouth of the Nara River, first mentioned in writing in 1328. Tour to ancient city Serpukhov

Prince Vladimir Andreevich the Brave, commander of the Ambiguous Regiment on the Kulikovo Field, surrounded the remains of the indigenous shore. At the confluence of the Serpeika River in Naru, a wooden wall and built the Trinity Cathedral in the Kremlin. In XVI the Kremlin of Serpukhov was surrounded by stone walls. Tour to ancient city Serpukhov

From the south-east, on the side of the Oka, Serpukhov for centuries are protected by two monasteries. Vysotsky male, founded by Sergius of Radonezh, Vladychny female, founded by the Moscow Metropolitan Alexei several years before the Battle of Kulikovo. In the Vladychny monastery in the bakery the production of bread was set up.

The village of Drakino, with the stone church of Boris and Gleb. Is located at the confluence of the Protva River in the Oka. It is very likely that Drakino is the chronicle city of Lobynsk. From which in 1143 the prince of Novgorod, Seversky Oleg Svyatoslavovich, hastened to Moscow.

The Pushchino estates on Nara, Raisa Semenovskoye and Molodi are little known, and even more interesting to get acquainted with.

Manor Lopasnya Zachatievskaya in 1905 was acquired by the descendants of AS. Pushkin, and near the church wall a small necropolis with graves of the grandsons and great-grandsons of the poet was preserved.

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    Serpukhov city of Prince Vladimir Andreevich the Brave -

    Intellectual excursion to the city of Serpukhov

    Excursion program - travel information; Intellectual excursion to the city of Serpukhov

    - visits to the Molodi manor;

    - Visit to the manor of Lopasnya Zachatievskoe;

    - Visit to the Kremlin Serpukhov;

    - Visit to the church of Nikola Bely;

    - Visiting the Vysotsky Monastery;

    - Visiting Vladychny Alekseevsky Monastery;

    - visits to the church of Boris and Gleb in the village of Drakino at the mouth of Protva;

    - Visit to the manor of Pushchino on Nara;

    - Visit to the estate Rai Semenovskoye.

    The journey time is 2 hours. The bus is Simferopol and Old Warsaw, 120 km.

    Duration of the excursion is 9 hours.

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