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Orthodox monks who lived a hermit’s life, often built their cells in the most deaf and far from everyday vanity places. Why, you ask? We, the modern inhabitants, who are accustomed to live in a world where often only capitalist relations move all our actions, do not understand this. SOLOVKI TOUR TO SOLOVKI ISLANDS RUSSIA 

Historically the islands have been the setting of the famous Russian Orthodox Solovetsky Monastery complex. It was founded in the second quarter of the 15th century by two monks from the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. By the end of the 16th century, the abbey had emerged as one of the wealthiest landowners. And most influential religious centres in Russia. SOLOVKI TOUR TO SOLOVKI ISLANDS RUSSIA 

The existing stronghold and its major churches were erected in stone during the early reign of Ivan the Terrible at the behest of St. Philip of Moscow. At the onset of the Schism of the Russian Church, the monks staunchly stuck to the faith of their fathers and expelled the tsar’s representatives from the Solovki. Precipitating the eight-year-long siege of the islands by the forces of Tsar Alexis.

“Bombardment of the Solovetsky Monastery by the Royal Navy during the Crimean War”. A lubok (popular print) from 1868. SOLOVKI TOUR TO SOLOVKI ISLANDS RUSSIA 

Throughout the imperial period of Russian history. The monastery was renowned as a strong fortress which repelled foreign attacks during the Livonian War (16th century). Time of Troubles (17th century), the Crimean War (19th century), and the Russian Civil War (20th century). SOLOVKI TOUR TO SOLOVKI ISLANDS RUSSIA 

In 1974, the Solovetsky Islands were designated a historical and architectural museum and a natural reserve of the Soviet Union. In 1992, they were inscribed on the World Heritage List “as an outstanding example of a monastic settlement in the inhospitable environment of northern Europe which admirably illustrates the faith, tenacity. And enterprise of later medieval religious communities”. Today, the Solovki are seen as one of the major tourist magnets in the orbit of the Russian North.

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    Smart tour to the Solovetsky Islands

    The 1st day  Moscow Departure by evening train from the Leningrad railway station

    The 2nd day. Kem Arrival in Kem in the evening. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

    The 3d day.  Kem. Breakfast. Landing on the boat "Kem - Solovki" (the journey time is 2.5 hours). Arrival to Solovki. Acquaintance with the Solovetsky Monastery: territory, cathedrals, walls, towers, necropolis. Excursion through the exposition of the monastery. Shrine of the Solovetsky Monastery. Dinner. Accommodation in a cottage. Free time.

    The 4th day. Solovki Breakfast. Free day. Dinner. For an additional fee - an excursion "Anzer Island" with a visit to the Holy Trinity and Golgotha-Crucifix sketes (by boat).

    The 5th day. Solovki Sunday service. Dinner. Excursion by bus: "Pilgrimage to Sekirnaya Gora." The Holy Ascension Monastery. " "Visiting the Botanical Garden." "Filippovskie and cages. Man-made dam of the XVI century. " Dinner.

    The 6th day.  Solovki. Kem. Breakfast. Release of rooms. Boat trip on a boat with a visit to the Greater Zayatsky Island. Andreevsky monastery and monuments of Neolithic culture. Dinner. Moving to Kem (by boat). Dinner. Hotel accommodation.

    The 7th day. Kem. Departure from the hotel (earlier in the morning). Departure to Moscow. A train

    The 8th day. Moscow. Arrival in Moscow.

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