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Pskov-Caves monastery is located on the historically Russian land, 50 kilometers to the west of the city of Pskov, near the very border of Estonia and 340 kilometers from St. Petersburg.TOUR ONLINE

The date of the monastery’s foundation is considered to be August, 15/28,1473. It was on that day that the monastery’s founder, St. Jonah (Shesnik) consecrated the church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God — a church which was built into the hillside. But the monastic life had actually begun there much earlier. When a few hermits, seeking solitude, came to live in the caves. E

The holy relics of one of them, St. Mark the desert-dweller, still rest in the caves and many people come to venerate them. The monastery’s chronicle relates that “the Most Pure Virgin herself chose this site in the valley of the Kamenets spring, blessed it, exalted it through her chosen people and has been protecting it ever since. Five centuries have passed. The monastery has seen both glory and tragedy. But never have the holy lampadas gone out, nor prayer ceased in this blessed place.

The monastery gradually grew in size and reputation. The 16th century was the time of its flourishing, when under Abbot Cornelius the Annunciation and St. Nicholas Churches were erected as well as the stone belfry and the monastery was fortified around by a stone wall with bastions. The brethren numbered up to 200. Abbot Cornelius collected a rich library, established chronicling and founded an icon-painting workshop. The monastery became an important missionary center. And stronghold of Orthodoxy on the western border of Russia. Tradition has it that, slandered by envious people, Abbot Cornelius was beheaded by Tsar Ivan the Terrible on the 20th of February, 1570 and now numbers among the hosts of holy martyrs.

In 2013 the monastery marked the 540th anniversary of its existence and salvific work in the Orthodox Church. The years pass, governments and empires rise and fall, but the monastery ever remains a firm stronghold of Orthodoxy in a restless world.

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    Excursion to Pskov, from St.Petersburg -Excursion to Pskov old cty in Russia Excursion to Pskov old cty in Russia

    Pskov — one of the most ancient cities of Russia. For the first time it is mentioned under 903 year («the Story of time years»). The Pskov earth is highly appreciated in Russia. Behind its limits the invaluable historical and cultural heritage. It is a lot of in it places, by the right of proud of beauty of the nature, surprising products of human hands, unique historical events and nice names.

    Tourists can visit one of the oldest in Russia Pskovo-Pechersky the Piously-Uspensky orthodox man's monastery of 15 centuries with a cave necropolis in 10 000 burial places. Which is a monument of Russian culture and a military history.

    In several kilometres from Pskov one of the first cities in Russia - Izborsk settles down.Today unique ensemble of the Izborsky fortress of 14 centuries Nikolsky a temple of 14 centuries in its territory has well kept fragments of walls, the towers, special defensive devices, and also. It is a fine example of Old Russian and Pskov building art. In several minutes of walking from a fortress there are rests of one more fortress-truvorova of a site of ancient settlement, Truvorov a cross and the miracle Slovene keys beating from under the earth.

    In the excursion program: the Pskov Kremlin: Dovmontov a city, the Piously-Troitsk cathedral, Pogankiny of chamber, the Pskovo-Pechora monastery, Izborsk. Placing in comfortable hotel.

    Duration: 2 days/1 night More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

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