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The Kola Peninsula is located in the northernmost region of European Russia.
Magnificent panoramas of this northern land will impress any tourist. TRIP TO THE KOLA PENINSULA

The Kola Peninsula is washed by two northern seas, which are the White Sea and the Barents Sea. In the western part, its territory is covered with mountain ranges – the Khibiny Mountains and the Lovozero Massif. The Keyvy Mountains lie in the central part.

The Kola Peninsula became inhabited more than ten thousand years ago. The so-called Sami people and Lop’ people left a lot of evidences, for instance, petroglyphes (stone paintings).

The flora and fauna of the Kola Peninsula comprise rare species of plants, birds, fish, terricole and swimming animals.

The Kola Peninsula was the ancient centre of glaciation. During the Ice Age these glaciers moved to Europe and Asia. The rocky relief of the region still bears the imprint of this process.

The modern nature of the Kola Peninsula is relatively young. The last glacier left its territory a few thousand years ago. The northern climate has preserved the nature of the Peninsula almost intact, as if the glacier had left just yesterday.

Great many lakes, rivers and rivulets, waterfalls and rapids, thin forest and vast tundra make this northern region especially beautiful.

These rivers and lakes are the relics of the Ice Age. Lakes have not become shallow and have preserved the same water-level they had after the deglaciation. River beds have not been worn away, they are still rich in rapids and steps.

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    The Northern Lights on Kola Peninsula, Murmansk -Trip to The Northern Lights in Murmansk

    Trip to The Northern Lights in Murmansk

    What is Northern Light, and how it originates? Why one can see the Northern lights only close to North and South poles? What legends our ancestors shared around this unique natural phenomenon? All of this and much more you learn in our tour! Trip to The Northern Lights in Murmansk

    Northern Light (other names: Aurora Borealis) one of the most beautiful and mystique natural phenomena on our planet Earth. You can see the Northern Light only close to North and South Poles, due to its connection with magnetic fields of our Planet. Murmansk is definitely the most comfortable city in Russia for observation and photographing of Northern Lights, due to its geographical location and well-developed infrastructure.

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    Tour to the Arctic ocean, Teriberka -Crazy tour to the Arctic ocean in Russia

    Crazy tour to the Arctic ocean in Russia

    Russia is the country which covers 7000 km coast on the Arctic Ocean. The single way by car to Arctic Ocean is on the Kola peninsula. The single road goes through rocky paths, lakes and rivers from the city of Murmansk to Teriberka village. Crazy tour to the Arctic ocean in Russia

    Along the way we make several stops at the prettiest places to enjoy them and take pictures.Forests replace the Tundra, which in winter turns into a snowy desert and then we descend down to the rocks and great lengths of the sea. The tour to Teriberka village is held in summer and winter time.

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    Tour to Khibiny Mountains, the Kirovsk city -Smart trip to Khibiny Mountains

    Smart trip to Khibiny Mountains

    The Kola Peninsula — the unique place for the tourist. It has a coastline on the Barents Sea at north and the White Sea at south. The Northern lights can be observed from September to April. Smart trip to Khibiny Mountains

    You find here the unique city of Murmansk that lies on the bank of the nonfreezing gulf. In the very center of the peninsula, the beautiful Khibiny Mountains are waiting for you. This paradise place for mountain skiers and fans of snowmobiles tours among mountains - snow lies here until the end of May!

    It is worth arriving here in to experience the several hours walk among mountains, rivers and lakes, visit the museum of history of Arctic region and get a chance to see unique collection of minerals, collected from around the world.In summertime, you can rent ATV and go on a drive through Khibiny valleys.

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    $ 30030
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