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We all know that the Tretyakov Gallery is the world’s largest collection of paintings by Russian artists. These pictures we are accustomed to seeing from childhood with the pages of textbooks, magazines, books.

But, believe me, all their value you understand only when you stand directly in front of the picture. Faina Ranevskaya, who served in many theaters in Moscow. To the question of which of them she had found real art, invariably replied: “In the Tretyakov Gallery.” Yes, there really is a pure, genuine art that inspires and supports the viewer in any life situations.
Remember the “Girl with peaches” Serov, “Morning in the pine forest” Shishkin, “Rooks arrived” Savrasov: what different emotions they evoke from the viewer. But this is our native art, affecting the deep strings of the Russian character.
In the Tretyakov Gallery there are a lot of pictures, in which the characters of Russian history.  “The Morning of the Strelets’ Execution” Surikov, “The Sophia of Sofia” Repin, “Boyarynya Morozova” Surikov, Ivan the Terrible Kills His Son and others appear to us as living beings. And immediately historical events become close and understandable, as if they occurred only yesterday.
Fans of Russian icon painting can visit the hall of Old Russian art. Which contains the originals of the icons of Andrei Rublev (“Trinity”, “Archangel Michael”, “Spas”), Dionysius, Maxim the Greek.

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    The State Tretyakov Gallery -

    Excursion to The State Tretyakov Gallery

    You will find an interesting excursion to the gallery with a professional guide. You will learn the facts about creating a gallery and exhibits. Excursion to The State Tretyakov Gallery

    The Tretyakov Gallery houses over 150,000 paintings and sculptures created by outstanding Russian artists throughout the centuries: the works are dated between the 11th and 20th centuries.

    You will see the stunning Trinity of Andrei Rublev, the Black Square of Kazimir Malevich and the Composition VII of Vasily Kandinsky, you will learn interesting facts about the creation of these works and the life of artists.

    Meeting place metro station  "Tretyakovskaya", at the exit from the metro station

    Duration 2 hours

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    $ 4515
    24-hour front desk
    Convention Center
    Dry cleaning/laundry service
    Fireplace in lobby
    Free breakfast
    Free Wi-Fi
    Front desk hours
    Indoor Pool
    Newspapers in lobby

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