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We’ll visit the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery founded by the grand duke Dmitry Donskoy at the place where the icon of St. Nicholas was found. That was the camp of Russian troops moving from Moscow to Kulikovo Field in the summer of 1380. The monastic complex is huge, it has its own bakery and it is possible to purchase its delicious and fresh produce.

The Kazan temple in the village of Kotelniki was built in the last third of the 17th century by the Romanovs. Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina, who came on the consecration of church with a young Peter Alekseevich. Brought an icon of the Kazan Mother of God created by the Kremlin Armory Museum artists. This amazing icon was preserved in the XX century in the church of the neighboring village of Zilina. This is one of the most honored and famous icons of Russia.

The Orlov and Obolensky manor in the village of Kraskovo has preserved the wooden noble house of the XIX century. And the church of the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God.

There is a small temple of the Transfiguration of the XVIII century In the village of Korenevo.

There is a stone church and a manor park in the estate of tsarevna Sophia, which is located in the village of Miletus

In the early XVIII century Peter Apraksin built a white-stone church of St. Nicholas in Poltevo, one of the little-known and amazing buildings of the Moscow region.

Wooden church of Peter and Paul in Malakhovka, which was built in the early XX century, keeps the icon “Surety of sinners.”

The Intercession Church, built according to the project of the architect R. Klein in 1896, is located in Osechenki.

The Bykov Manor, which includes a palace, park and two ponds, was created in the last third of the XVIII century by the great architect V. Bazhenov.

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    Tour of the Ten Churches -

    Unique Author's excursion on Orthodoxy shrines

    Excursion program: Unique Author's excursion on Orthodoxy shrines

    - Travel information;

    - Visiting the St. Nicholas Monastery;

    - Visit to the village of Kotelniki and the Kazan temple;

    - Visit to the estate in Kraskovo;

    - Visit to the church in Korenevo;

    - Visit to the Miletus estate;

    - Visit to Poltevo manor;

    - a visit to the church of Peter and Paul in Malakhovka;

    - Visiting the temple in the Oischenkah;

    - Visit to the Bykovo manor.

    Travel time: 1 hour.

    Chosse: Ryazan, 30 km.

    Duration: 9 hours.

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