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On the way to Dmitrov, we will stop at a few manors, each of which is unique in its own way. Tour to Russian city Dmitrov.

In the village of Ozeretskoe we stop at a church located on the hill of the XVII century.  And carefully consider the fiber by which the Duke Yuri Dolgoruky dragged the boats from the rivers Moscow and Klyazma to the rivers Yakhroma and Volga. Tour to Russian city Dmitrov.

In the estate Nikolskoe-Obolyaninovo we will take a walk in the English park, which is one of the most beautiful in the Moscow region, and enjoy the views of the hills of the Smolensk Dmitrovsky ridge. We will examine the Nikolsky church and the manor house, which keeps a memory of Leo Tolstoy’s visit.

We will also take a walk on the extensive. Once well-maintained estate of Olgovo. See the ruins of the palace built in 1786 by the architect F. I. Camporesi. Visit the Vvedensky Church. Olgovo was also visited by Leo Tolstoy.

In the Andreevskoye estate we will visit the Intercession Church. Which was built in 1803 according to the project of F.I. Camporesi.

In Yakhroma we will examine the majestic Trinity Church, built in 1895 at the expense of merchant IA. Lyamina.
In Dmitrov, we will get acquainted with the ensemble of the Kremlin. And visit the monastery of Boris and Gleb.
In the village of Puriha we will examine a wooden noble house. And this is an exceptional rarity for modern Russia.
From Puriha we will make a pedestrian walk to the ancient city of Vyshgorod on Yakhroma. Devastated by Poles in the beginning of the XVII century. This is one of the many ghost towns of the Moscow region. It is very beautiful and few archaeologists know about it.
On the way to Moscow we will visit the monastery of Spaso-Vlakhernsky. Created in the 19th century in Golovin’s estate. And consecrated by the Moscow Metropolitan Filaret Drozdov.

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    Treasures of the Dmitrovsky district -

    Smart excursion to Dmitrov

    Excursion program - travel information; - Inspection of the river road in the village of Ozerishchi; - walk along the estate Nikolskoe Obolyaninovo; - Walk through the estate of Olgovo; - Acquaintance with the Anreevskoye estate; - Visit to the Trinity Cathedral in Yakhroma; - a visit to the Kremlin city of Dmitrov; - Visit to the monastery of Boris and Gleb in Dmitrov; - Acquaintance with the manor of Puriha and walking tour to the ancient city of Vyshgorod on Yakhroma; - Visit to the Spaso-Vlaherna Monastery.

    Travel time: 1,5 hours. Highways: Rogachevskoe and Dmitrovskoe, 80 km. Duration: 8 hours. More unique tours and tours on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!
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