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The Kamchatka peninsula is situated in the noth-east part of Russia. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean , the Okhotsk sea and the Bering sea . Kamchatka Region includes the Koryak Autonomy Region, Commander and Karaginsky Islands .

The total area of Kamchatka peninsula is 472,300 Altogether Kamchatka could easily include England , Portugal , Belgium and Luxemburg. Information about Trips around Kamchatka/

There are 2 big Reserves in Kamchatka: the Kronotsky Reserve and Commander Reserve and a lot of Parks and Protecting areas.

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The relief is mostly mountainous. There are 141 extinct volcanoes and 28 active volcanoes . The most active are Kluchevskoy, Shiveluch, Mytnovsky, Avachinsky, Karymsky. The highest volcano is Kluchevskoy (4848m.) it is also the highest volcano in Eurasia .

The Kamchatka peninsula is very rich with mineral waters . Here the treatment and prophylaxis of all imaginable diseases are possible.In Kamchatka there are 274 groups of mineral waters. The most known are Tymonovskiye hot springs, Khodutkinskiye hot springs , Malky, Banniye hot springs , Paratunka.

Vegetation world of Kamchatka is beautiful and unique and numerous.

Kamchatka is the place where many species of marine mammals coexist, also there are a lot of birds, different species of fish. And of course, there is great interest in the brown bear, one of the biggest bear species in the world.

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    Dog Sledding in Kamchatka -Wonderful trip Dog Sledding in Kamchatka

    Wonderful trip Dog Sledding in Kamchatka

    Pinachevo village - Kekhkuy Passover- Nalychevo Valley- Talovskiye thermal hot springs- Sedlovinka- Rodigino camp  Wonderful trip Dog Sledding in Kamchatka


    DAY 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk . Transfer by bus from the airport to the hotel in the Paratunka Resort (or in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

    DAY 2. Learning how to dogsled. Preparation for the trip. Lunch at the Siberian K9 Kennel and Lodge. Afternoon departure to Pinachevo village (55km) by dog-drawn sled and snowmobiles. Overnight in the Pinachevo camp cabins. DAY 3. Tour Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky visiting the regional museum, shops, galleries, and the open market. DAY 4. Drive by a dog-drawn sled and snowmobiles to Nalychevo Valley (50km) with picnic stops on the trail and Kekhkuy Passover. Accommodation in cabins. Bathing in the Nalychevo thermal hot springs . DAY 5. Rest and drive by a dog-drawn sled and snowmobiles and bathing in Nalychevo thermal hot spring DAY 6. Drive by a dog sled to the Talovskiye thermal hot springs (12km). After lunch rest or go for a bathe in the geothermal pools. Return to Nalychevo Valley (12km). DAY 7. Leisure morning, bathing in Nalychevo thermal hot spring, cross country skiing, chance at sauna. DAY 8. Departure on dog sleds to Sedlovinka camp (40km). Picnic on the way. Accommodation in the camp. DAY 9. Early breakfast and departure on dog sleds to Rodigino camp (70km). Lunch and rest on the way. Transfer to the Paratunka resort. DAY 10. Transfer to airport. Departure

    Included:: Invitation and voucher for receiving your Russian entry/exit visa, traveler's insurance, accommodations, transportation , 3 dog sleds (you can drive yourself by turns), 4 snowmobile, sledge (4-5 people), goods sledge, cabins (2 and 4 people), sleeping bag, meal.

    Not included: alcohol drinks, farewell dinner.

    Tour Duration: 10 days. Time of travel : March-April Recommended Group size: 4-10 Mode of Travel: dog sled, snowmobile, bus Type: Adventure More unique tours and excursions on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!  
    $ 20004
    Observing Bears -

    Wonderful journey observing Bears

    Wonderful journey observing Bears

    The Brown Bear is the king of the animals of Kamchatka . Everybody coming here dreams of seeing them. These tours give you many opportunities to see and of course to take photos of these magnificent animals. In summer when there are a lot of fish in the rivers and lakes of Kamchatka, Brown Bears go there for fishing. Kurilskoye Lake, Nalychevo Park, Kronotsky Reserve (Shumnaya river) are the most popular places where you can observe a bear's fishing.

    Tour Duration: 12 days. Time of travel : July - September Recommended Group size: 1-2 Mode of Travel: helicopter, 4WD jeep, on feet Type: Adventure

    Tour Highlights The Kurilskoye Lake . Mutnovsky - Gorely volcanic group


    DAY 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk . Transfer and accommodation at the Paratunka Hot Springs resort. DAY 2. Helicopter flight to the Kurilskoye Lake (1,5 h.). Set up a base camp. DAY 3-5. Observation of bears. Relaxation. DAY 6. Helicopter flight to the Mutnovsky - Gorely volcanic group (120 km). Set up a base camp. DAY 7. Ascending the Mutnovsky Volcano (2322m). DAY 8. Ascending the Gorely Volcano (1829 m). DAY 9. Drive to the Rodnikovy Hot Springs . Relaxation. DAY 10. Return by jeep to the Paratunka resort. Relaxation. DAY 11. City tour of Petropavlovsk . Visit to the Museum of Local Lore. Souvenirs. DAY 12. Visit to a fish market for caviar and salmon. Departure.

    More unique tours and excursions on our website. Follow the link and choose smart holidays!

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