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Tver is one of the oldest cities in Russia, first mentioned in the XII century. The word Tver, according to one of the theories, has the Finno-Ugric roots and originated from the name of the Tvertsa River. On the banks of which an ancient settlement was located. TVER. VYSHNIY VOLOCHEK. TORZHOK.

In the XIII century Tver was the capital of one of the strongest russian principalities.Which was Moscow’s main rival in the unification of Russian lands. Defeat in the fight against Moscow gradually turned Tver into a quiet provincial town. TVER. VYSHNIY VOLOCHEK. TORZHOK.

The Tver region is full of many interesting places, among which are Torzhok and Vyshny Volochyok. Torzhok, founded as the southern outpost of the possessions of Veliky Novgorod in XII-XIV centuries. Is known for its amazing temples. Vyshny Volochyok was a rich merchant town, which succeeded in the XVIII century due to its perfect location on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow. TVER. VYSHNIY VOLOCHEK. TORZHOK.

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    Excursion on the holy sites of the Tver region

    THE 1ST DAY Tver, Vyshny Volochek, Torzhok

    7:00 departure of the group from the Leningrad station (Peregrine Falcon), arrival in Tver at 8:00. Meeting of the group. Transfer to V-Volochek (126 km). Sightseeing tour of the city and canals.

    Vyshny-Volotsky Kazan Women's Monastery (founded in 1872). Chapel over the graves of the old people: Blessed Lyubushka Susaninskaya, who for many decades has been a consolation and advice to many Orthodox people all over Russia; The grave of Christ for the sake of the holy fool Maria Samarskaya.

    Epiphany Cathedral, the image of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker (Mozhaisky), Archbishop Mir Likijsky, executed in the form of a wooden sculpture (late 16th century). Among the most revered Mother of God icons - Iverskaya, Vidropuskaya, Andronikova and named - "Skoroposlushnitsa", "Soothe My Sorrows", "Joy of All Who Sorrow". Transfer to Torzhok. Novotorgsky Borisoglebsky Monastery, which was founded in the middle of the 11th century.

    Particularly revered holy cities of Torzhok: prp. Ephraim and Arkady Novotorzhsky, St. blg. book. Iulianiya Novotorzhskaya or Viazemskaya, pr. Trifon Pechengsky, enlightener of lappers, the founder of the northernmost monastery.

    Visiting the unique museum "Dom Belt". Torzhok created a unique belt with the protective prayer "Alive in the help of Vyshnyago." The belt is the largest in history (length 12 m, width 25 cm), made by craftsmen-gold embroidered in a single copy of all the canons of Orthodox culture. Dinner. Accommodation in a hotel in Tver.

    2nd DAY Staritsa, Tver

    Liturgy in the Starytsky Dormition Monastery. Meal.

    Tour of the monastery and the city. Ilyinskaya church, Borisoglebsky cathedral, ancient settlement, museum of local lore.

    Departure to Tver. Excursion around Tver. Visiting the Cathedral of the Resurrection Cathedral, where the relics of St. Sergius of Srebriansky, confessor of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery rest, the miraculous icon of B.M. "Vydropuzhskaya".

    Nativity of Christ. Visiting the Ascension Cathedral, which houses the relics of the Holy Martyr Thaddeus, Archbishop of Tver.

    Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the former Otroch-monastery, Metropolitan Philip (Kolychev) was exiled here, and here he died at the hands of Malyuta Skuratov.

    The youth monastery was also the place of imprisonment of St. Maximus the Greek. Squares and historical places of Tver. Departure to Moscow at 20:23. Arrival in Moscow at 22: 12.

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