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Vladimir is a city with a thousand-year history. The basis of which is associated with the name of the Kiev grand duke Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. VLADIMIR. BOGOLYUBOVO. SUZDAL. ANCIENT RUSSIAN CITIES

In the 990s. Vladimir, the baptizer of Russia, founded a new fortress in the image. Likeness of Kiev on the high bank of the once full-fledged river Klyazma. Vladimir became the main city of North-Eastern Russia In the middle of XII century during the reign of the duke Andrew Bogolyubsky. Was the all-Russian capital at the time of the Tatar-Mongol invasion. VLADIMIR. BOGOLYUBOVO. SUZDAL. ANCIENT RUSSIAN CITIES

The duke Andrew, and then his younger brother Vsevolod “Big Nest” turned this fortress into a golden-domed white-stone town. The white-stone churches of that time: the Assumption and Dimitrievsky cathedrals survived to this day in Vladimir. The history of Suzdal goes far into the past. It received a name from the land, which was called Suzhdal.

At different times it was the capital of the principality, the consolidation center of Orthodoxy and statehood. The main spiritual and cultural monuments are the Kremlin, the Pokrovsky and Spaso-Evfimiev monasteries, as well as the church of Boris and Gleb in Kideksha. The splendidly preserved city ensemble, the ancient layout of the city, the abundance of monuments and unique museums, give Suzdal an unforgettable view of the fairy-tale.

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    Excursion in Vladimir, Bogolyubovo

    The 1st day. Moscow, Vladimir, Bogolyubovo, Vladimir. Excursion in Vladimir, Bogolyubovo

    7:30 - Departure to Vladimir. Travel information. City tour. Assumption Cathedral. Dimitrovsky Cathedral. Golden Gate. Dinner. Theotokos-Christmas monastery. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Recreation.

    The 2-nd day Vladimir. Suzdal.

    Breakfast. Morning worship in one of the temples of Vladimir. Transfer to Suzdal. Dinner. Kremlin. Pokrovsky women's monastery. Evfrosiniev-Rizopolozhensky women's monastery. Return to the city of Vladimir. Vespers in the Princess's Convent. Dinner

    The third day. Vladimir, Suzdal, Moscow.

    Release of rooms. Liturgy in the Princess's Monastery. Dinner. Moving in with. Bogolyubovo. Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (visited only in warm dry weather). Bogolyubovo Christmas convent. Return to Vladimir. Departure to Moscow. Arrival at 22:00.

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