"Change yourself with us" - Sedelnikova Irina Alexandrovna, General Director of INSTYLE TOUR

In the modern world, we have forgotten our primacy, we are strong in spirit and body. We invite real men to adventure travel "Awakening" - this is an opportunity to delve into yourself and feel the ancient energy! We will awaken you, help you find yourself and feel your strength!   Within a week - you will develop in yourself physical and psychological skills of obstacle crossing and self-actualization. All trainings take place in wild natural conditions, in a natural environment and without any household amenities. Training program - is saturated with different kinds of arts, including martial arts, parkour, rock climbing, athletics, art of survival... Being in the midst of nature, as well as, absence of a modern society, will help you to remember your ancient instincts, awake and re-discover yourself. The project is designed for self-development in extreme conditions, saturated with training and development of the right attitude to life, to the world, to yourself. Each participant who has completed this training will be able to use new energy and strength in his business, work and family. Every man is a warrior, a beast, a getter, we'll wake you up, we will awaken you!
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    AWAKE IN THE URALS Within 5 days, men learn the art of rational displacement, and they themselves undergo many different practices. This trip will allow us to see ourselves from a different angle to reveal the male sides, to learn to live in harmony with nature and to overcome internal fears.