Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. - Oscar Wilde

Moscow and St. Petersburg are metropolitan cities, in which everyone can find something interesting and amazing for themselves. At no city of the the world you can so many places, monuments of culture, architecture and entertainment. Unconditional exclusivity is the fact that both cities were able to create coziness and comfort for every guest and if you are a thrill seeker, adventurer or connoisseur of all that is uncommon, we suggest you visiting immersive shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Become a part of an exciting story, be a full participant in everything that happens on the stage, remaining yourself!
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    Immersive theatre is a new concept for the Russian audience. An immersive performance engages audience members directly, making them active participants in the piece, giving them the freedom to choose their own path, to build their own story and react to the happenings.